Mom Bares Body to Spread Message of Self-Love

amy pence brown self love
(Photo: Photo Courtesy of Idaho Style Blog)

Amy Pence-Brown describes herself as a "nearly 40-year-old fat feminist mother," and she's proud of it.

In a crowded marketplace, Pence-Brown stripped down to her bikini, blindfolded herself and asked others to literally comment on her body. In front of her was a sign that read: "I'm standing for anyone who has struggled with a self-esteem issue like me, because all bodies are valuable. To support self-acceptance, draw a (heart) on my body."

Pence-Brown says the reasoning behind her experiment was to practice what she preaches of "all bodies are good bodies" to her young children.

She was worried about how people would react, and prepared herself for the worst. See how it played out in her video below:

Radical Self-Acceptance: An Experiment/Performance by Amy Pence-Brown from Melanie Flitton Folwell on Vimeo.


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