Miranda Lambert Swears These Diet Tips Keep the Weight off for Good

(Photo: Twitter / @TheImproperMag)

Country music superstar Miranda Lambert motivated millions in 2013 when she lost around 20 pounds — and she continues to inspire as she stays healthy and keeps the weight off!

Here are some rules that Lambert lives by to maintain her svelte figure.

She keeps healthy snacks on hand.
Especially while on the road, the 32-year-old singer avoids junk food at all costs, and instead of scarfing down a burger after a show, she'll eat a grilled chicken salad. The only snacks allowed on her tour bus are almonds and bananas, a big change from her previously junk-food-filled buses. "I don't want Cheetos anywhere around me," she told Self.

Instead of eating veggies, she drinks green juice.
Lambert doesn't pretend to adore raw veggies — in fact, she's made it clear that she doesn't like them unless they come with a side of ranch or cheese. What she has learned to enjoy, however, is green juice. When she sips something green, Miranda feels like she's consuming "straight-up vitamins and good food," which supports her goals and keeps her energized, she says in Women's Health.

(Photo: Getty / Michael Tran)

She doesn't use a scale.
Instead of judging herself by the number on the scale, the "Vice" singer says she judges her weight loss progress by the way her clothes fit. She even called the scale "your worst enemy when you're trying to lose weight or gain weight." We know how quickly it can sour a day!


Portion control is key.
If you've ever needed that extra motivation to not serve yourself another helping at dinner, just take a look at Lambert! She told PEOPLE that she practices portion control. "I haven't given up everything!" she confessed. "I try to just cut everything in half."