Man Surprises Wife With Pregnancy Despite Undergoing Vasectomy

When Tim Brummel's wife, Rachel, became pregnant with her fourth child she didn't even know- her husband was the one to surprise her with the news.

Brummel had gotten a vasectomy months earlier, so the couple figured there was no way it could happen, but Brummel revealed in a video that after a five-month follow-up visit, he was never contacted with his results. He called the doctor himself and learned that his operation may have had an issue.

"I get that it's not a guaranteed thing, but they probably should have told me," he told "I think we have our plans and [God] has His. He just kind of overruled."

So when his wife started showing typical pregnancy signs like hunger and nausea, Brummel figured he might know why.

"She was tired and complaining about being nauseous," he said. "She was eating more. We both kind of joked about how she's acting like she's pregnant but we've mostly laughed it off."

Brummel decided to find out for sure if Rachel was pregnant, so he drained the toilet one night and confirmed his suspicions with a pregnancy test. He then surprised his wife with the test and a card that read, "If you ever worried that life would be a bore, put that fear aside, you are now a mommy of four."

"I was in shock," Rachel said of the moment. "About a week after, I had my first appointment. Everything was confirmed."


The Brummels shared that they had always planned on having five children but wanted to adopt their last two, but will now adopt their fifth child after their fourth son arrives in March.

Watch the moment Rachel discovered the news above!