Man Shares Disturbing Photos of Second-Degree Burns to Warn of Sun Danger

In all seriousness, put on sun cream. 2nd degree burns from doing a days work outside lol. Am in [...]

Summer may be here, but it's not all fun in the sun.

One man took to Twitter recently to share horrifying images of a sunburn he experienced after spending hours outdoors, and it's safe to say the photos aren't pretty.

Greg Binnie, a 20-year-old gardener from Edinburgh, Scotland, shared that he spent seven hours cutting grass and suffered a serious second-degree burn as a result.

"In all seriousness people, put on sunscreen," he wrote alongside the photos. "Second-degree burns from doing a day's work outside."

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Binnie explained to Newsbeat that he felt hot while he was outside, but didn't think much of it until his parents pointed out how red his skin was. On Sunday night, after his second day of working outside, he developed blisters, leading to the worst sunburn he's ever gotten.

"It's torture," Binnie added of the burn. "It's hard to describe the pain. It's like there's a crack in your skin, and it's pulsating as well. So there's a constant reminder of the pain, but you can't itch or touch it."

Experts recommend applying sunscreen 30 minutes before you head into the sun and reapplying every two hours.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @grgbinnie


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