Make Food Fun: 6 Products for Picky Eaters

Is your kid living purely off frozen waffles and chicken nuggets? If your kid is a picky eater, you know what the struggle is like. Getting him to eat a nutritious meal is almost impossible. With these products below, meal time may be a little easier.

FunBites: Kids are more likely to eat something bite-sized because they are fun and perfectly sized for their little hands! With FunBites, you can cut up a sandwich into small pieces they'll love! Check out FunBites here!

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Dinner Winner Plate: Put a little bit of food on each section of the plate. To finish the game, they have to clear each spot to get to the finish line! Get yours online here.

dinner winner
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To The Rescue Plates: Make dinner a little more enjoyable with these rescue plates! You just might be able to convince the kids to steer some food into their mouths. Get yours here.

resuce plate
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Construction Eating Utensils: Let the kids literally fork lift food into their mouths with these construction utensils! They're so fun, they won't mind eating their veggies. To get them online, click here.

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Easy Eater 2: This is a $o.99 app you can download that is interactive for the whole family. Each member raises their own pet and feeds it the healthy foods they've eaten that day. As you feed your pet healthy food, you can earn points, accessories and even real-world prizes. It's a great way to introduce vegetables into the diet of picky kids! To learn more, click here.

easy eater
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Today I Ate a Rainbow: Make healthy eating fun! With this kit, you can challenge your kids to eat a fruit or veggie of every color! It's magnetic, so you can display their hard work and healthy eating habits as a daily reminder. Who knows? It may help you to remember to eat clean as well! Order yours online today.

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