Lo Bosworth Is Tired of Your Outdated Feminine Care Products

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(Photo: Instagram / lobosworth)

The last time you had a feminine infection, did you find it hard to come by an effective over-the-counter treatment?

Lo Bosworth feels the same way. The 30-year-old reality star turned author and entrepreneur was sick of using products that ended up creating more problems down there than they solved.

"I feel like this is a common thread among women I've spoken to," Bosworth said. "A doctor I met with once said that I have bad plumbing. Sorry, but that wasn't an acceptable answer."

So, Bosworth set out to find a remedy that wasn't chemical laden or totally ineffective. Enter: boric acid. After doing her research, Bosworth discovered that in its suppository form, boric acid could clear up an infection overnight!

"Basically it's a throwback product that gynecologists used to prescribe before antifungal drugs were created," Bosworth says.

NYC-based gynecologist Eden Fromberg, MD, agrees that boric acid provides relief with fewer side effects, calling it "an excellent alternative to irritating anti-fungal and antibiotic treatment methods that further compromise the vaginal microbiome."

There's only one problem: Finding a treatment that contains boric acid involves getting a prescription and then finding a pharmacy that will compound it. And yes, it involves quite a bit of cash.

"It's really complicated and expensive," Bosworth said. So what's a girl to do? Teach herself how to compound it, of course. While we applaud Bosworth's ambition, we can't see every woman in the world getting her hands on pure boric acid and compounding it herself. Luckily, Bosworth took her passion to the next level.

(Photo: Love Wellness)

"In that moment, I thought, 'Wait, this is something that women should have access to,'" she says. And after several months of extensive research and working with doctors, she has created Love Wellness, a brand of feminine wellness products.

The Love Wellness line includes suppositories (her star product is "The Killer," with pure boric acid), do-everything wipes made with coconut oil, and probiotics—meant to actually help with the tricky female issues that can be tough to properly treat.

The line has treatment for your vaginal health no matter what state it's in. See its four main steps: erase infections, cleanse, maintain and get intimate.

"Why can't we elevate the experience of being a woman and take care of our bodies in a way that is enjoyable rather than embarrassing?" she asks.

Good question, Bosworth.



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