Ice Ice Baby: 11 Ways to Cool Down This Summer

Summer on its way and it's gonna be a hot one! Keep cool and hydrated with these 11 fun ice cube ideas! From adding flavor to water to chilling your wine, we've got something for everyone.

Edible flowers: You can purchase edible flowers from Whole Foods, freeze them and add them to your water! You may think that they wouldn't taste good, but most claim they are sweet and fragrant.

flower ice cube
(Photo: A Cozy Kitchen)

Iced tea: If you enjoy iced tea but hate when ice cubes water it down, freeze a batch of tea and use frozen cubes to cool off your next glass.

Lemon juice: Another one for the iced tea drinkers: Freeze a tray of lemon juice to give your ice tea a cold twist!

Cucumber and basil: This is an awesome flavor combo to give your water a refreshing flavor! It's perfect for a hot day and doesn't taste half bad in a gin and tonic either.

cucumber and basil
(Photo: Britt & Co)

Leftover coffee: Take the coffee from the bottom of the pot and freeze it into cubes. You can save them and make yourself an iced coffee after a few days!

Berries: Pick out the smallest raspberries and blackberries from the carton and pop them into ice trays. You'll have a great berry flavor in your water a cold treat when you've drained the glass.

raspberries blackberries
(Photo: Brit & Co)

Mint and lime: Freeze mint leaves with chopped up lime slices and some lime juice. Use them later for a refreshing mint mojito at the end of the day.

Fruity summer striped ice cubes: Whenever you're craving a sweet treat, just grab one of these tasty fruit striped cubes! Make them at the beginning of summer and keep them around for the hottest days. (via Oh Joy)

striped ice cube
(Photo: Oh Joy)

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Melon: Puree a melon, like cantaloupe or honey dew, and store them in the freezer! They make for a cold snack on a hot day or the perfect starter to a smoothie.

frozen melon
(Photo: Scaling Back Blog)


Grapes: No water needed for this one! Freeze your grapes and use them in red wine! That way you can enjoy it chilled and have a small, healthy snack when you've drained the glass. Plus, it's a very classy way to serve your wine at parties.

Kool-Aid: Make different colored trays of Kool-Aid and add them into Sprite for the kids! It makes for a tasty soda and looks awesome! You'll be the coolest mom in the cul-de-sac with this one.