Hubby's Coffee Habits Could Increase Your Risk For Miscarriage

There are lots of things women are told to avoid if they're trying to get knocked up: smoking, excessive drinking, eating fish high in mercury. Now, we may need to add coffee to the list. Women's Health has the scoop below.

woman drinking coffee

In a new study from the journal Fertility and Sterility, researchers asked 501 couples who were trying to have a baby to journal lifestyle behaviors, including how much caffeine they drank, for 12 months, or until they got a positive pee stick. They noted that one caffeinated drink equaled a cup of coffee or tea, or a can of soda.

Of the 344 women who became pregnant, 98 miscarried. Miscarriage rates were higher in women over 35 (a long-known risk factor), but here's what really struck researchers: Women who drank the most caffeine (more than two drinks per day) around the time of conception and during the first seven weeks of pregnancy were more likely to miscarry than those who drank less. The other bombshell: Excessive caffeine consumption in men played just as big a role.

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