How to Make Shaved Legs Last Longer Than a Day

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All women know the struggle: You spend the time shaving your legs in the morning only to feel some stubble on your stems by the time you go to bed! To keep yourself sane and maybe even save a couple minutes every few days, check out these tips to making your shaved legs last longer than a day.

How to Make Shaved Legs Last Longer than a Day

1. Exfoliate. Grab a sea salt scrub or exfoliating glove and work in circles, starting at your ankles and making your way all the way up to your thighs. Exfoliating gets rid of the dead skin cells lingering on your legs (resulting in a smoother shave) and will also raise any little hairs hiding beneath the surface of your skin. That way, your razor can pick up those little hairs up and get rid of them!

2. Invest in a good razor. If you want those gorgeous legs of yours to stay silky smooth, it might be worth it to splurge on a good razor. Look for one with at least three blades, that moves with your body's curves, and that has a moisturizing strip (especially if you have dry skin). It's also important to replace it at the first sign of dullness or discomfort.

3. Go against the grain. Raising and cutting those hairs is immensely easier when you're shaving up your leg, or "against the grain". The closer the shave you can get, the longer your skin will stay smooth and hair-free.

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4. Shave after washing your legs. Make sure that you wash your legs before you shave them. That way you can get rid of the natural oils and sweat that your razor would typically be fighting through. It makes it easier for your razor and could even extend its lifespan.

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5. Use a good shaving gel. Think you don't have time to lather on that shave gel? Think again! It hydrates the hair, which makes it easier to cut, and also helps the razor glide smoothly on your skin. Plus, a good shave gel won't clog your razor like a soap or conditioner would.

6. Moisturize. One of the key components to skin care in general, don't forget to moisturize! After you've shaved your legs, make sure to rinse them thoroughly. And here's the key: Pat them dry. Instead of rubbing harshly or drying completely, patting them dry will allow the extra water on your skin to be sealed in as you moisturize. Your legs will be Venus commercial smooth!


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Try out these tips and let us know how they work for you in the comments below!