How to Look Like Rihanna and Still Eat Pasta

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Rihanna is known for playing it cool, not caring what others think and her edgy "I do what I want" attitude. Her diet and exercise plan is no different. If she wants pasta, she infamously orders three half-orders, which is exactly what she did at her interview with Vanity Fair. She told them, "Legit, I have been in the gym every day this week because I am not willing to give up my food."

Don't be mistaken though; she's still dedicated to keeping up her rock-solid physique, and if she does eat like this, she's willing to sacrifice an hour at the gym with a variety of workouts to make up for it.

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"We do cycling, hiking, paddling — we try to mix it up," said Jamie Granger to Hollywood Reporter about keeping Riri in shape. "Someone like that who's working out almost everyday, we need to keep it fresh and exciting."

Rihanna's also been credited to work out with two other celebrity trainers, including Harley Pasternak, as well as Ary Nunez, who she's worked out with for over 5 years.

Like Granger, Nunez also trains Rihanna using a mix of activities, which include martial arts, dancing and calisthenics, and told Shape that a typical meal for Riri is fish and salad or veggies.

While her diet may not be perfect at times, she's perfectly good at it—making up for any cheat meals with a more strenuous workout to keep an overall balanced approach, which is one of the main things Granger tells her clients.

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"If you want to eat a little more, you've just got to work out a little harder."


If you want to work out like Rihanna, mix it up, trying a variety of workouts so you don't get tired or bored. And if you do overdue it during a meal, just be willing to hit the gym extra hard to make up for it.


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