How To Keep Your Greens Fresh

(Photo: iStock)

We've all been there: you purchase a big bag of lettuce from Costco as a healthy and economical attempt at fulfilling your veggie servings for the week. But only a few days later you open the bag once full of crisp, vibrant greens and find a clump of slimy, wilted leaves in its place.

If you're tired of tossing your salad greens just a few days after buying them, we've found the best and easiest way to preserve them and stretch their shelf life as far as possible.

What You Need
A plastic storage container
Paper towels

Now What?
1. Line a plastic storage container with paper towels
2. Dump your washed and dried lettuce in an even layer on top, and cover it with another layer of paper towels before locking the lid down
3. Place container in refrigerator


Why It Works
The paper towels help absorb the extra moisture from the greens to prevent them from getting slimy. A hard-sided container protects the leaves from getting crushed or bruised by other foods they might be pressed against in the refrigerator. And sealing the lid tightly keeps excess air from penetrating in and out, which majorly slows down the wilting process. With this method you'll be able to keep tender greens fresh for up to ten days, allowing you to buy bigger amounts which saves both time and money.