Here's What Ivanka Trump Does to Stay Fit Amidst Daily Chaos

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The eldest daughter of president-elect Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump has been in the spotlight for some time. As a businesswoman, author, former model and now mom of three, Trump has been in headlines for as long as she can remember.

After having her third child with husband Jared Kushner in March 2016, Trump looks as svelte and fit as ever. Here, we're sharing what we know about her food and fitness routine.

Trump says that she wakes up every morning at 5 a.m. so she can meditate, work out and shower before Arabella, 5, Joseph, 3, and Theodore, 9 months, wake up at 7.

Our first picture as a family of five! Thank you for all of the love and well wishes.

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"Meditation is one of the most important things I do each day," she told My Morning Routine. "I meditate for twenty minutes, ideally twice daily. Sometimes I miss the afternoon session, but I always make the morning one. It’s been invaluable in terms of calming my mind and allowing me to think more clearly."

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After meditating, she works out with trainer Peter Monge at the gym in her New York building. Monge touts the benefits of strength training, and says pushups, pull-ups and squats reign king, because they work multiple large muscles simultaneously.

"Strength training increases your muscle mass, leading to increased fat burn, which, in turn, is better for moving the needle meaningfully on the scale," Monge said.

Check out some of Trump's workouts she posted to Instagram:

Quick workout in before the #weekend. #FitnessFriday @nyfitness_petermonge

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Up and at 'em!

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And Ivanka is no stranger to healthy eating, either. She starts her day with water with lemon, a cup of coffee, and either oatmeal or Greek yogurt. (She breaks out toppings like chia seeds, berries, flaxseed, goji berries, cinnamon, walnuts, and almonds and calls it "fancy oatmeal" for the kids.) And like many moms, she utilizes meal planning to stay on track throughout the week.

Ideas for #mealplanning that will make the week fly by. (Link in profile.) @maria_marlowe #MealPrep

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Trump hasn't always eaten this healthy, though. Before having kids, she admits that she "ate like a teenager...carbs three times a day usually in the form of pasta or pizza."

But once she had her daughter Arabella, things changed. She began eating lots of lean protein, salads and homemade recipes.

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"Slowly, I started to actually enjoy, if not crave, these healthier options," she said. "Now healthy eating is the norm for me, especially at breakfast and lunch."


What do you think of Ivanka Trump's diet and workout routine? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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