Victoria's Secret Model Lily Aldridge's Workout Plan Is Not for the Faint of Heart

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You definitely saw her in the last Victoria's Secret Fashion Show — after all, she's pretty hard to miss. Her willowy frame is trim and toned, an image she works hard to maintain through rigorous workouts she sneaks in between fashion shows and photo shoots. From yoga to SoulCycle, from ballet to barre, Lily Aldridge is the queen of workouts, and we think it shows.

This top model trains like an athlete with supercharged workouts that last over an hour three times a week. (When preparing for the Victoria's Secret fashion show, she'll work out twice… daily!) She works her abs, legs and arms through boxing sessions at Gotham Gym and takes powerful rides at SoulCycle. Her favorite workout doesn't include a treadmill or bike, however.

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"I love Ballet Beautiful," Aldridge told Shape, referring to the dance-inspired workouts from fitness guru Mary Helen Bowers. "Mary Helen Bowers is my trainer. It's changed my body in a beautiful way. But I hate running. I can't get in that zone that people that people talk about."

To supplement her workout sessions, the 31-year-old will refuel with blueberry smoothies or meals incorporating fresh vegetables and fish.


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"I love avocado," she said. "It's my favorite snack. I eat it with rice cakes, plain, or make guacamole. It's so healthy for you and so satisfying."

Looking gorgeous in a bikini and angel wings in front of millions of television viewers isn't easy, so Aldridge keeps her diet clean and natural. This not only keeps her skin clear and fresh, but also keeps off any unwanted weight.


"I eat a lot of protein and vegetables," she told Allure. "I love to make myself roast chicken. And I feel good now. I feel confident and ready for the runway."


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