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Tired of drying out your vegetables in the microwave or dealing with soggy vegetables from [...]

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Tired of drying out your vegetables in the microwave or dealing with soggy vegetables from improper boiling over the stove? Skip the frustration with a steaming lid!

These heavy duty-silicone lids seal in all of the goodness of your food while it's being cooked over the stove or in the microwave. On top of the lid is a small chimney that lets out just enough steam to prevent water from boiling over, and that keeps everything inside in tip top shape! Steaming lids allow the food to keep its natural color, shape, texture, flavor and nutrients. Most people have a vegetable steamer that they use in conjunction with a steamer lid, but having one is not mandatory.

Here's an example of a microwave or stovetop steaming lid — it's called the Steam Ship by Fred Steam and sells for $13.95. Made with 100 percent virgin silicone, this lid is a fun way to get the family excited about steaming delicious vegetables! Click here to check it out.

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Steamed vegetables are a primary ingredient for many dishes across the world. Here are a couple of recipes to be inspired by using a steaming lid for your next meal!

Skinny Glazed Carrots: Instead of boiling the carrots using a saucepan, use a steamer lid! Doing this will allow the carrots to maintain their bright orange color and nutritional content, while softening the consistency for easy eating. Click here to get the recipe!

Glazed Carrots

Skinny Mashed Cauliflower: Try using a steaming lid for this delicious recipe! The original instructions require you to boil the cauliflower florets with water and chicken broth, so toss on a steaming lid to that hot pot and enjoy! Click here for the recipe!

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