Go-Go Gadget: Egg Slicer

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Be honest: When is the last time you used your egg slicer? It's true that this is one of the more superfluous kitchen gadgets — unless you change your way of thinking! Sure, you can slice hard-boiled eggs into perfectly even slices, but that only comes in handy at best every once in a while. What if you also used it to save time slicing and dicing other foods? Check out how to fully utilize your egg slicer below.

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(Photo: Williams Sonoma)

Mushrooms: Use your egg slicer to easily slice some mushrooms, saving you tons of time. Mushrooms go well with practically any savory dish, but we especially like them in this lasagna rolls recipe.

Strawberries: Summer is coming! That means more fresh fruit salads like this grilled chicken and strawberry salad, with which you can conveniently use your newfound handy dandy egg slicer.

Olives: This one is pretty straightforward. Slice and dice both green and black olives for your salads, pasta, taco, pasta, etc. recipes.

Fresh mozzarella: If your cheese is fresh, even a really sharp knife would crush it, and that's where the egg slicer comes into play! Top your salads with sliced mozzarella or use it for a healthy, homemade pizza for family dinner.

fresh mozzarella

Avocados: There's something so delicious about adding slices of avocado to a sandwich like this open-faced fried egg and avocado sandwich recipe. Looking for more ways to utilize your avocados? Click here.

Bananas: It's no secret that kids love eating fun-shaped foods, so why not apply that to their bananas? Plus, it's easier for them to eat. This will also come in handy for fruit salads.

Peaches or other soft fruits: Even canned fruits will work in an egg slicer! Check out this delicious grilled chicken peach and avocado recipe for a healthy springtime meal.


Now that you know the egg slicer isn't your grandma's gadget anymore, it's time to do some online shopping. Check out this KitchenAid slicer for just under four bucks, or this New Star heavy duty egg slicer with three slicing styles for just under $10.

What do you use your egg slicer for? Share with us in the comments below!