Get The Most Out of Your KitchenAid Mixer: Using the Attachments

Whether you are an avid baker or have had a mixer under the sink since it was gifted to you at your wedding, there are tons of things that your mixer can be used for. From easy slicing and dicing to a whole new way of cooking, adding some KitchenAid Mixer attachments to your kitchen arsenal will save you time and effort.

Flex Edge Beater: This is a metal, adjustable beater with a flexible edge. If baking is a common occurrence in your kitchen, don't hesitate to purchase this attachment, especially if you bake in bulk. You'll save yourself the time and effort of having to scrape the sides of the bowl when mixing ingredients! Click here to read costumer reviews and buy it online!

flex edge beater
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Food Grinder: For a stand mixer, this grinder will open up a whole new world! Grind meats, grate cheese, make your own skinny bread crumbs and more with this handy attachment! Click here for more product details.

food grinder
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Coated Flat Beater: This beater is perfect for a cooking mama! You can mash your own potatoes, make cookie dough, mix batters and more. It's a great tool that every healthy mom needs. Click here to purchase.

flat beater
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Slicer and Shredder: This product comes with both a fine and coarse shredder. With this slicer/shredder you can slice firm fruits and vegetables, cheeses and even nuts! Shred your own chocolate for baking and then wash it safely in the dishwasher! Click here to purchase online.

slicer shredder
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Food Processor: Attach this processor to your mixer to dice, slice, shred and julienne your favorite fruits, vegetables and hard cheeses! You can adjust the thickness of your processor with a simple lever. Learn more and order online, click here.

food processor
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Ice Cream Maker: Make ice cream, sorbet and gelato in 20-30 minutes with this attachment. Instead of wasting money and calories on store-bought ice cream, you can make your own! Click here to get your ice cream maker!

ice cream maker
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