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Whether you're feeling down, stressed, or just need a kick of inspiration, we've got you covered. Take a look at these 60 inspirational quotes that are guaranteed to encourage you and brighten your day.

Find your favorite mantra and repeat it to yourself when you need a boost of confidence to get you through the day! Hopefully they'll make you smile and give thanks, no matter what circumstances you're facing!


exciting thigns

if you judge

keep your face

kindness is language

no one will ever

to thrive

opportunity knocks

stop being afraid

take a moment

smallest actions

gotta start somewhere

dont look down

be your beautiful

dear you

don't let small minds

keep your thoughts

may my heart

she is clothed

smile is a curve

the greatest oak

to love

today will never

strong people

let your smile

i am

love one another

keep on truckin

don't stumble

every accomplishment

be a game changer

be kind to unkind


start where you are

your words

your beauty

be beautiful

be yourself

grateful for this day

go be amazing

future is created

get out of your way

do what you can

climb mountains

secret of getting ahead

optimism is foundation

make today great

choose to see

no one said

strongest actions

worry less

when it rains

be kind

mistakes are proof

we often take

try kindness

be a light

path to success

to be inspired

good vibes