Bad News for LaCroix Lovers: Sparkling Water May Have Destructive Soda-Like Effects on Your Teeth

Have you started drinking flavored sparkling waters like LaCroix in order to healthify your soda addiction? Turns out you may not be making the healthiest decision after all.

The Food Network got with Dr. Edmond R. Hewlett, a spokesperson for the American Dental Association, who said that drinking a lot of flavored water may erode tooth enamel — just like soda. While the field needs more definitive research, he says that the flavorings in waters like LaCroix make them more acidic, so it's therefore safe to say that drinking too much could be harmful for your teeth. When enamel breaks down, your teeth are more sensitive and susceptible to cavities.

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But don't worry too much about it; as long as you're enjoying flavored sparkling waters in moderation, you're not doing nearly as much damage as you would with soda. Hewlett recommends drinking plenty of fluoridated water throughout the day (as you should be doing anyway, we might add!) because it helps prevent cavities.

He also advises to limit the amount of time flavored waters have in contact with your teeth. For example, avoid holding or swishing the water in your mouth, and drink it quickly rather than sip on it throughout the day.


"Flavored waters can indeed be enjoyed without risk to the health of our teeth, but mindfulness and moderation are key," Hewlett told The Food Network. "Plain fluoridated water is the healthiest beverage for teeth — it fights cavities! Enjoy flavored waters in moderation, but be sure to include lots of fluoridated drinking water in your daily hydration."


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