Fitness Apps to Keep You Motivated

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Keeping up with our fitness regimen is hard work. With chilly temperatures taking the reins of our day, January becomes the most difficult time of year to peel ourselves off the couch. All you want to do is sit indoors with a blanket, drink hot cocoa and binge watch your favorites on Netflix. But with the right apps, you can turn your digital devices into your very own exercise coach, promoting a productive and fun workout!

If you're looking to reach your fitness goals and stay healthy year-round, we've rounded up some of the best apps to help you stay motivated and unleash the fierce and healthy Womanista in you.

Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga allows yogis to build, edit and share their yoga practices, making it one of the best yoga apps to date. With an extensive library of poses containing descriptions and benefits created with the help of experienced yoga instructors, users can choose how they want to achieve their shanti through different difficulty levels and durations. Easy to create and manage, Pocket Yoga is ideal for novices to experts who want to achieve peace, light and, of course, flexibility.

Fitness Blender

Believing that fitness should be accessible to everyone, the duo behind Fitness Blender initially started their business in 2010 with hopes to create global awareness for the benefits of exercise. With a little more than 3.2 million followers today, founders Daniel and Kelli offer users instant access through their workout app to over 400 free workout videos, thousands of healthy recipes, success stories, and support from around the world. Featuring high intensity interval training, Pilates, yoga and strength drills, users decide how long they want to exercise and can purchase longer workouts posted on the app calendar.

Daily Butt Workout

Photoshop isn't the only way we can get a toned backside. Whether you're looking for a bum reminiscent of Pippa Middleton, Beyoncé, or Kim Kardashian, the Daily Butt Workout app helps you exercise and tone those muscles for a stronger, sexier butt. And with your own personal trainer at the touch of your fingertips, this daily routine app helps track progress. Best of all, it's free.

Lose It

Balance your fitness goals with Lose It! Whether you want to lose or maintain, this comprehensive app is designed with one goal in mind — to help you reach your target weight in a workable way. Tracking your exercise and food as you plan meals and stay motivated, this easy-to-use program lets you decide how to maintain your weight. By budgeting calories with nutritional and fitness information, it easily connects to devices and people to help you make smarter choices and achieve your goals.


If you're looking to run your first marathon or heading on your sixth 5K, Runtastic is your app. Including all you need to organize your run plan like detailed tracking of distance, duration, speed, and calories burned, this app features live mapping, and training statistics. In addition to training plans for biking, walking, skiing—just to name a few, feel just like Rocky Balboa with your own Mickey Goldmill, as Runtastic features voice coaching too!



Are you looking to kick up your fitness routine with a drill sergeant vibe? Ideal for circuit training, Sworkit takes you through 30-second intervals accompanied by in-app illustrations. If a move is foreign or too fast for your coordination, users can pause and watch quick demos. By being able to select what body part you'd like to train and for how long, Sworkit creates a fun spin on circuits through strength training, cardio, stretching and yoga.