Fido's New Favorites: Healthy Homemade Pet Treats

You spend time cooking delicious, healthy meals for your kids each day, but what about your fur babies? How often do you heat the oven thinking, "The dog could really use a good snack."? Show your pet how much you appreciate him or her with a birthday, holiday or "just because" treat that will have his tail wagging and mouth watering. These treat recipes include whole food ingredients that are healthy alternatives to store-bought snacks; you can even taste test them yourself!

1. Dog Treat Birthday Candles: On your furry pal's birthday, treat him to these adorable candle treats by A Subtle Revelry! They are a salty pretzel treat for your growing pup and you can actually light them to celebrate the special occasion. What your dog will wish for when the candles are blown out? Probably more yummy treats and belly rubs, lots of belly rubs. Click here for the recipe.

dog treat birthday candles DIY
(Photo: A Subtle Revelry)

2. Doggie Donuts: The next time you indulge in a sweet morning treat, don't let your dog's sad puppy eyes keep you from enjoying every bite. Whip up these fun doggie donuts so he can have a tasty snack, too! These donuts are scored into quarters so they break apart easily and can be enjoyed by dogs large or small. (via Corner Blog)

DIY dog donut treats
(Photo: Corner Blog)

3. Peanut Butter Pumpkin Treats: Nothing says fall more than an overload of pumpkin sights, smells and tastes, so let your pooch in on the fun with these healthy pumpkin treats! They only require five ingredients and can be made grain- and gluten-free if your dog is on a special diet. (via My Baking Addiction)

DIY dog treats
(Photo: My Baking Addiction)

4. Homemade Doggie Treats: Your dog will be beggin' for more of these tasty treats by The Kitchn. They're made with a special ingredient that's sure to please every pup: bacon fat. You can also customize these cookies by adding in your furry friend's favorite treats like parsley, peanut butter or spinach.

bacon fat DIY treats
(Photo: The Kitchn)

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5. Cinnamon Bun Bites: Your dog will love having a cinnamon bun of his own in the morning when you bake this tasty recipe. The bites are rolled into a log and sliced, then topped with a cream cheese drizzle so Fido will never know it's not the same pastry your kids are enjoying! (via Babble)

DIY dog treats
(Photo: Brit + Co.)

6. Paw-Print Dog Treats: Made with low-sodium chicken stock, these cute crackers by Martha Stewart are a satisfying snack for your dog. They're also pretty adorable as you press a little paw print into each bite-sized treat.

DIY dog treats
(Photo: Martha Stewart)

7. Wheat- and Gluten-Free Carob Crunchers: Carob is a a floury powder that often substitutes chocolate in baking, so these crunchers will be a delicious dessert for your furry friend. They are also free of wheat and gluten so dogs with special diets can still enjoy a little decadence! (via Doggy Dessert Chef)

DIY dog treats
(Photo: Doggy Dessert Chef)

8. Mint Buckwheat Dog Biscuits: If your dog is in need of a breath mint, give him this tasty treat by Lola the Pitty instead. The mint and parsley in these biscuits help mask your pup's bad breath and the buckwheat flour gives these treats a unique taste and texture.

DIY dog treats
(Photo: Lola the Pitty)

9. Spinach Green Goodies: Share your love of superfoods with your four-legged friend by making these healthy treats! They're packed with fresh spinach, flaxseeds, parsley and green pea flour to keep your dog strong and ready for all your morning or afternoon runs together. (via BitterSweet)

DIY dog treats
(Photo: BitterSweet)

10. Sweet Potato Peanut Butter Sandwiches: If your pooch is always lurking in the kitchen and waiting for a taste of your delicious cooking, try baking something that's just for him or her! These sweet potato bites with peanut butter and vanilla yogurt icing create a tasty combination that'll become your puppy's favorite special treat. (via Live.Laugh.Cook.)

DIY dog treats
(Photo: Live. Laugh. Cook.)

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11. Homemade Salmon and Oat Cat Treats: We can't forget your furry feline friends! These cookies for cats are made with pink salmon and oat flour, combined with a little catnip for your kitty's pleasure. Your curious friend will love these treats made just for him or her and they'll definitely appreciate the added ingredient that makes even the laziest cat awake and active. (via Joy the Baker)

DIY cat treats
(Photo: Joy the Baker)

12. Homemade Organic Spinach and Chicken Cat Treats: Frisky felines love a good crunchy treat, so make them happy by baking these healthy, organic bites by Popsugar. They're made with chicken thighs, spinach leaves, oats and a little extra surprise that'll have your cat crazy for these treats. If your kitty prefers salmon or tuna over chicken, try swapping ingredients to ensure you've made your furry friend's favorite snack.

DIY cat treats
(Photo: Popsugar)