FDA Clears New Treatment Targeting Cellulite


How many products have you purchased with the hopes of reducing the appearance of cellulite? Lotions and creams may come second to exercise, but the desperation to get rid of that bumpy layer of skin is real, culminating in invasive, expensive and borderline dangerous medical procedures. The good news is that the FDA has approved a simple, non-invasive treatment targeting cellulite.

The Cellfina System is an outpatient procedure that combines technology and a well-established procedure called "subcision" to attack the primary structural cause of cellulite. Subcision uses a small blade to cut beneath the skin and cut the bands of connective tissue that cause the bumpy look of cellulite, causing the dimples to be released. Cellfina promises to rid your trouble areas of cellulite for an entire year.

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And although the treatment does seem more promising than lotions and creams, critics warn that the $3,000 to $6,000 procedure is not a magical cure.

"For a lot of people that have diffuse cellulite, say all over their butt and their thighs, it's not gonna fix everything," said New York plastic surgeon Sharon Giese.

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