DIY Spa Scrubs Straight From Your Kitchen

A day at the spa is a quick fix for your skin and your stress, but when's the last time you actually made it there? It may stress you out just thinking about finding time for yourself amidst your chaotic schedule. Instead of scrambling for a spa appointment, turn your home into a relaxing sanctuary by grabbing a few kitchen items and whipping up some exfoliators, masks and scrubs. Your skin will feel soft and hydrated; your body will smell great, too. These recipes are simply made with ingredients you probably have in your fridge or pantry, cost much less than pre-made spa creams and scrubs, and yield enough to store and save your beauty secrets for your next at-home "me" time, which you'll be craving.

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Dry skin: If you struggle with dry, itching or cracked skin, you are in need of extra hydration to look your best. Wearing makeup and using products on your face all day can irritate your skin easily. Try this DIY repair mask by Tata Harper for SELF made with avocado, yogurt, honey and a few other kitchen staples. Allow the fatty acids in the avocado to nourish your skin and let the finishing mist leave you radiant and ready for your closeup! This mask can also double as hair repair, making it twice as nice.

Oily skin: Especially in the warmer months, normal skin may rear its oily side and leave you feeling greasy. This feeling likely leads you to touch your face more often, clogging your pores twice over. Say hello to clear pores with this mask created by Tata Harper for SELF using only papaya flesh, yogurt, Epsom salts and a peppermint tea bag. It'll leave you refreshed, feeling clean and confident with smooth, calm skin.

oily skin DIY mask
(Photo: SELF)

Total Body Scrub: We've all heard the secret to flawless, ageless skin: regular exfoliation. But stimulating our skin cells can be a tedious – and expensive – task. Instead of buying a packaged spa scrub, exfoliate your entire body with this DIY Cucumber Mint Sugar Scrub by bell'alimento. It smells amazing to help you relax and unwind and it's made simply with cucumber, mint leaves, sugar and olive oil. The recipe yields enough so that you can store your magic scrub in the fridge and keep it handy for your next relaxation session.

DIY exfoliating body scrub
(Photo: bell'alimento)

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Hands: Hardworking mamas' hands need extra TLC, but finding time to refresh them may not always be easy. Girls Love Style shares an easy and simple hand scrub, made with only two ingredients: sugar and your favorite kitchen oil. It creates a scrub that will quickly become part of your beauty routine as it massages your hands and leaves them feeling smooth and fresh. Your friends will be left wondering, "How does she do it?"

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Feet: Flip-flops and no socks feels fantastic, but exposing your pretty painted toes all summer long quickly leaves your feet dry and rough. A & B Stories whipped up an exfoliating foot scrub that sheds your body's roughest, toughest scales and reveals smooth, soft skin. This DIY uses only brown sugar, baking soda and olive oil and can also be used to treat dry knees or elbows before a hot bath or shower.

DIY foot scrub
(Photo: A & B Stories)

Eyes: Late night feedings or early morning school prep seems to be endless and a nights of deep sleep may be a distant memory. With all the daily to-dos, you may be tired, but your eyes can fool everyone with DIY eye soothers like these suggestions from Whole Living. Our favorite tried and true (and incredibly simple) method uses two tea bags to cure all your puffy eye problems. Chamomile tea bags heal puffiness and redness, while green and black teas reduce swelling.

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Lips: When your lips are chapped or splitting, you probably just spread on lip balm, hoping to hydrate them back to their kissable form. But in order to keep your soft and prevent dryness, use this homemade lip exfoliator by Everyday Roots. It uses sugar, honey and vanilla to create a tasty scrub to remove dead skin. Try to use this only when necessary, though, as this skin is extremely thin and sensitive. Once you've rejuvenated your puckers, hydrate them with Everyday Roots healing homemade lip balm.


DIY lip scrub
(Photo: Everyday Roots)

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