Model Who Body-Shamed a Naked Woman in a Gym Locker Room Will Stand Trial This Month

(Photo: Snapchat)

Remember the former Playboy model who Snapchatted and simultaneously body-shamed a naked elderly woman in a gym locker room last July? Dani Mathers was fired from her radio job after the Snap went viral, then sued by the woman she illegally photographed.

As it turns out, 30-year-old Mathers and her lawyer made a last-ditch effort to avoid trial, but a Los Angeles judge ruled otherwise, according to the New York Daily News.

Mathers is charged with a "misdemeanor invasion of privacy under a California law that prohibits the secret recording or photographing of an 'identifiable person' in a home, changing room or tanning booth without the subject's consent," the Daily News reports.

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Her defense attorney, Dana Cole, took issue with the "identifiable person" clause of the charge, arguing that it took the L.A. police "a lot of hours and work" to identify the woman in the photo.

"This was a far-away shot, and the victim, her features cannot be identified," Cole argued.

However, Judge Gustavo Sztraicher ruled that "The court finds the statute is constitutional and not void for vagueness," so Mathers will be heading to court after all.


Her trial is tentatively set to begin May 26. Cole says that Mathers will "definitely" be testifying.


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