Cop Pulls Couple Over for Speeding, Helps Them Craft Pregnancy Announcement

One young couple in New Jersey was so excited to tell their parents that they were pregnant, they got a little too excited and ended up getting pulled over for speeding.

Luckily, state trooper Charles Olsen was very understanding about the whole thing.

"I was patrolling in my patrol area and saw a car going a little quick. So, I pulled over behind them, put my overhead lights on, they pulled over for me right away," Olsen told

After asking for their license and registration, Olsen asked the couple where they were headed, and the husband said they were going to tell his parents they were expecting. So instead of giving them a ticket, Olsen decided to help them craft the perfect announcement.

"I asked him about his driver history and everything like that, [and he] told me his driving record was clear. So I went back to my car, thought about it for a second and decided that I might as well give them this warning, a little surprise to tell his family and that was really it," Olsen explained.

"So I decided in that instance with the speed that they were going with his driver history and everything like that that it was completely fine to give him the warning."

When he went back to the car, he gave the couple a warning for "failure to use a car seat for a child under eight years," which they could show to their parents to show that they're pregnant.

"They were laughing, I think they were a little confused at first, but once they got it, they started to laugh and they were grateful," Olsen said.


Olsen added that he hopes everyone watches the video and "sees that we're all human and just because we're stopping you doesn't mean we want to ruin your day, it's always a teachable experience."


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