Coconut Water Benefits

By this point, we've all seen approximately one billion articles telling us about the benefits and uses of coconut oil. We are supposed to cook with it, brush our teeth with it, slather it all over our bodies — we're just waiting for someone to tell us to shovel it right out of the jar with an ice cream scoop and eat it for breakfast.

Somewhere along the way, coconut oil became way too trendy and coconut WATER became the forgotten stepchild.

But we're changing that.

With so many amazing health benefits, coconut water deserves to be the star of the show for a hot minute. See below for all the reasons you should be sipping!

And the list goes ON AND ON…



  1. Drink and cool down
  2. Wash your face
  3. Cure a hangover
  4. Make pancakes
  5. Swap it for stock
  6. Make healthy popsicles
  7. Support your gut health
  8. Make an iced coffee
  9. Face mask
  10. Make healthy candy
  11. Make a salad dressing
  12. Bake Veggies
  13. Make a coconut-water infused cocktail

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