Chrissy Teigen Admits How Celebrity Moms Lose the Baby Weight So Quickly

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Any mom knows how difficult it is to shed the baby weight. So why does it seem like celebs bounce back effortlessly (and in no time flat)?

In a recent interview with TODAY, Chrissy Teigen cracked the case wide open:

“Anyone in the public eye, we have all the help we could ever need to be able to shed everything. So I think people get this jaded sensation that everybody’s losing it so quickly, but we just happen to be the ones who are out there. We have nutritionists, we have dietitians, we have trainers, we have our own schedules, we have nannies. We have people who make it possible for us to get back into shape. But nobody should feel like that’s normal, or like that’s realistic.”

The 30-year-old model-turned-actress had her and husband John Legend's daughter, Luna, in April.

I have dreamed of this day!

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It feels good to know that most celebs are at least aware of their resources. To other “normal” moms out there trying to lose the baby weight: It’s time to cut yourself some slack!

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