Retailer ASOS Praised for Showcasing Models' Stretch Marks in Unedited Photos

(Photo: Twitter / @thesun)

While other fashion brands are facing criticism for their use of very thin models and heavy airbrushing in their photos, one retailer is getting noticed for the lack of retouching in their photos.

Online retailer ASOS has been using photos on their site of swimsuit models with visible stretch marks and other imperfections not retouched or edited out. The response to the "real" image has been overwhelmingly positive, Cosmopolitan reports.

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"So nice to see a model without photoshop, she is gorgeous without airbrushing stretch marks," one person tweeted with a photo where the model's stretch marks are clearly visible.

This is not the first time that ASOS has bucked the perfectionism trend. The retailer launched their plus-size line, ASOS Curve, in 2010 and added a men's plus-size line earlier this year.


The use of heavy airbrushing of "flaws" and use of ultra-thin models has been linked to low self-esteem and unrealistic body expectations among consumers.


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