Fitness Tricks From One Mom of 5 Who Lost 90 Pounds in a Year

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When Ashley Garrett had her fifth child in as many years, she realized she couldn't keep up with her kids. She couldn't keep up with them like she used to and was constantly out of breath — due largely in part to her weight.

"I was tired of being out of breath," Garrett told Delish. "I wanted to be able to keep up with them and be happy with myself."

She promised herself that she'd make a change, and within a year she was down 90 pounds.

The first major change Garrett made was her new 4:15 a.m. wakeup call. She decided if she wanted to sneak in a workout, it would have to be before everyone else was awake.

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She started off with the 21 Day Fix from Beachbody. It features seven different workouts that are repeated every week for 21 days. "I liked it because you have one minute of high-intensity exercise, then a little break, which helped my body adjust to the exercises," she explained.

Garrett realized she wasn't seeing results right away, so she added Beachbody's T25, a five-days-a-week workout routine. That way, her cardio was up to an hour a day. Between that and some minor diet changes, she started seeing results right away.

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What kind of diet changes, you ask? Well, for starters, Garrett cut alcohol from her diet for six weeks and says she saw faster results while she wasn't drinking. She also began packing salads for lunch every day and halving her dinner portions, since she knew she could be heavy handed when it came to dishing out meals.

Although she stuck to balanced meals most of the time, she did allow herself one or two cheat meals (not days) per week.

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Once she hit her goal weight, Garrett also utilized the Couch to 5K training app to ease into running, preferring to run in intervals: 90 seconds of running, 30 seconds of walking.

"I like that break, because you feel like you can do anything for 90 seconds, so you power through," she said.

Because she lives in Florida, she would also use Disney World's running events to help her stay in shape. The 5Ks, 10Ks, half and full marathons let you run through parts of the parks most guests don't get to see, which makes for a heck of a more exciting race than most.

One final thing that helped keep Garrett motivated? Using Instagram as a tracking tool. She launched a new Instagram account to help track her progress and follow other motivating fitness and health accounts.

Follow @momof5getshealthy to stay as motivated as she is!


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