Are You Tossing the Important Part of This Healthy Snack?

When you head to the fridge for your mid-morning snack at work, you stick with a flavorful, healthy option: yogurt! But when you peel back the seal, you might be a little grossed out (and unsure of) the liquid and odd pieces on the sides of the container. Once you check the expiration and decide it's still good to eat, do you opt for throwing out the top part or stirring it in? Popsugar has the answer on what's best for your health.

yogurt cup
(Photo: Photo credit: Popsugar)

Although it may gross you out, what you should do is grab that spoon and stir it all together, and here's why. That liquid is known as whey (yes, like Little Miss Muffet's curds and whey). Although it consists mainly of water, whey also contains a little bit of protein, potassium, and calcium. Stirring in the whey not only adds nutrition to your yogurt but also offers a creamier consistency.


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