Add Some Zest: Top 7 Recipes from Lemons

Three lemons with green leaves

Whether you squeeze some lemon to create a detox water, spritz your seafood dinner with fresh lemon juice or add some rinds to your sorbet, lemons always give your food that much needed zing! In honor of all you lemon lovers out there, we've rounded up some dishes, drinks, desserts and sides to help you you embrace your inner zing!

Skinny Lemon Chicken: This recipe is super simple and really kicks up your chicken. Some bread crumbs, a little garlic and a splash of olive oil give you a high flavor piece of chicken that's packed with 28 grams of protein and only 5 grams of fat. Pair this with some grilled veggies and a cup of brown rice for a balanced, light spring dinner. Click here for recipe.

skinny lemon chicken

Lemon Mayonnaise Smashed Potato Salad: If you though potato salad couldn't possibly get any better than you clearly haven't tried this version! This salad is packed with all of the traditional flavors of your favorite potato salad, but with a little lemon to add that extra zip. To make the recipe a little healthier, substitute regular Mayo for fat free and sugar for Stevia. (via Saveur). Looking for even more flavor? Click here to try our Sweet Potato Pomegranate Salad!

potato salad
(Photo: Saveur)

Clean Eating Green Lemon Pineapple Smoothie: One cup of this sweet and tangy smoothie is only 65 calories and is the perfect way to kick off your day! (via The Gracious Pantry). For additional smoothie recipes, click here.

lemon pineapple smoothie
(Photo: Gracious Pantry)

Skinny Lemon Tilapia: Dill, cream cheese and fresh lemon juice make for one creamy fillet! But don't let all of that delicious flavor fool you, this lean protein meal is only 132 cals and 4 grams of fat. Click here for recipe.

skinny lemon dill tilapia

Meyer Lemon Gelato: Looking to add a little sweet to your tart? We've got just the recipe. The smooth and creamy gelato will have your mouth watering without expanding your waistline! (via Ask Chef Dennis). Love ice cream but hate the guilt? We've got 22 healthy ice cream upgrades to help you solve that issue. Click here for the recipes.

lemon gelato
(Photo: Ask Chef Dennis)

Triple Lemon Cupcakes: If you are a cupcake girl but have grown bored with the super sweet recipes, give this tangy treat a try. If the soft cake texture and creamy icing doesn't get you, the delectable cupcake filling will! (via Crazy for Crust).

triple lemon cupcakes
(Photo: Crazy for Crust)

Lemon Rice: Looking for a bold side dish to add to your grilled chicken or salmon? We've got you covered! This sassy little rice dish is fluffy and filling, but with enough zest to seriously pump up your meal! (via Curry and Comfort)


lemon rice
(Photo: Curry and Comfort)

So the next time your meal needs some extra zing, try adding one of these delicious dishes! Whether you choose a main course, a side dish or a dessert, we know that your family will be pleasantly surprised.