These Total Body Fitness Challenges from Jillian Michaels Will Work Your Muscles Like Never Before

(Photo: Instagram / @jillianmichaels)

When we think #FitnessGoals, we can’t help but immediately think of the incredible Jillian Michaels. We love how she’s living proof that strong is the new skinny, and we totally admire the way she’s showing women everywhere that creating a healthy, balanced lifestyle is imperative for physical, mental and emotional well-being.

And it’s no secret the fitness guru puts in the work to get those amazing results — exhibit A: the new Instagram video she posted to show her fans some of her go-to tricep moves. The crazy-challenging circuit features everything from classic push-ups to innovative moves like plank jacks, and it's sure to challenge even the most seasoned fitness aficionado. Michaels makes it very clear that this isn’t a workout for beginners — in fact, she dedicates it to all her “ninjas” out there. But, she still offers a variety of beginner’s workouts on her app at

If you’re looking for a way to step up your fitness routine in 2017, we dare you to try Michael’s insane challenge below. But don’t stop there — after you’ve completed (er, attempted to complete) her arm workout, turn your routine into a full-body challenge with her other videos focusing on essential core, chest, butt and leg moves to tone every single inch!


Tricep Challenge

Chest Challenge

Ab Challenge

Butt Challenge

Leg Challenge


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