A Teen Is Convinced She's Pregnant With Baby Jesus Despite Six Negative Pregnancy Tests

A 19-year-old girl has convinced herself that she is pregnant with baby Jesus despite six negative pregnancy tests saying otherwise.

The teen, Haley, appeared on the Dr. Phil show Wednesday seeking support, and explained in a video prior to her appearance that she believes she is nine months pregnant with baby Jesus.

"I know my pregnancy is real. I’ve gained at least 22 pounds," she said. "I was sleeping one night and my baby punched the bottom of my stomach and kicked me, and I can feel his head right here, right below my belly button."

"My family, my friends, my pastors at church, they don’t believe that I’m pregnant," she continued. "I know it’s Jesus. I don’t care if my family disowns me. It really comes down to if you’re a true believer in Jesus or not … I don’t care what the home pregnancy test or a doctor says, when I give birth to my baby, no one is going to deny him because he’s my savior."

Haley's mom, Kristi, and her sister, Adrianna, say the teen is a "delusional" compulsive liar.


"If it's coming out of Haley's mouth, it's usually a lie," Haley's mom said, adding that the teen has also claimed that the rapper Eminem is her father and that she has been a contestant on American Idol.

Haley was given an ultrasound by Dr. Travis Stork of The Doctors, the results of which will be shown on Thursday's episode of Dr. Phil.