A Rainbow of Fruit Flavor: Low Cal Summer Sangrias


Summertime means sangria time! Instead of reaching for summer’s “other favorite drink”, the margarita, opt for a low calorie glass of sangria. The margarita can pack 500 calories into a single glass but these other summer favorites have only 115-215 calories. If you simply can't pass up a margarita, make it a Skinny Margarita!

This summer try to pick up a little local “color” and choose fruit from your local farmers market. In season fruit will have the best taste and will be perfectly ripe when you bring it home. It’s important to bring color to your dinner plate, but it can be fun to bring it to your glass as well.

Tropical Sangria: This is a traditional sangria, and you can't go wrong with tradition! At only 215 calories, you can't help but try it out and add a little red to your day. (via Cosmopolitan)

red sangria
(Photo: Tasty Trials)

Sangria Sparkler: With a punch of flavor from a little bit of cognac, this adult orange juice will leave everyone refreshed! It's a perfect way to enjoy some summer for only 100 calories. (via Fitness)

Sangria cocktail with fresh fruit at bar
(Photo: Fitness)


White Wine Citrus Sangria: White wine is so light and refreshing anyway, but add the zip of yellow citrus and we're talking' summer for 200 calories! (via Yummly)

(Photo: Corgis & Cocktails)

Green Sangria: Apple and cucumber may seem like an odd green pair, but you have to try this crisp and refreshing duo! At only 115 calories you can sip guilt-free. (via Shape)

(Photo: Shape)

Mixed Berry Sangria: A drink so delicious, you'll want to spoon up all the indigo blueberries at the end! (via Taste of Home)

(Photo: Mom Advice)

Louisville Sangria: Mix this one up, and you are sure to impress the entire neighborhood! The work is worth it for a fun violet twist on a classic summer drink for only 185 calories. (via Shape)

louisville sangria
(Photo: Shape)

So whip up a summer sangria for your next cookout. For a complete crowd-pleasing presentation, pair with one of these delicious BBQ recipes.