8 Swaps For a Healthier (and More Fun!) Easter Basket

Here at Skinny Mom, we love family traditions. But, we also love NEW family traditions. Mix up those Easter baskets with creative egg stuffers. Channel your Christmas stocking stuffer mentality...except miniaturize it! We reached out across the web to get unique, clever ideas. The responses were overwhelming. Now of course there were plenty of ideas like silly putty, granola bars and trail mix. But, we wanted novel ideas that would put Mr. Cottontail himself in a carrot spin. Here are our nine favorite ideas:

sidwalk chalk

Chalk It Up: Get your kiddos up and active with bubbles, chalk and jump rope kits. Now, you may have to squeeze that jump-rope into a bigger egg. But, they're out there and they're so much fun to fill!

baseball batsGood Sport: Rather than using a basket, purchase a new bike helmet, batting helmet, gym bag, etc., and fill it with the essentials of that sport. For their favorite baseball team, you could buy a pack of cards, Big League Chew, a new ball and perhaps some "batting cages/toss time" coupons with dad.

two young kids gardeningGarden Tea Party: Fill a tea pot or one of the plant pots that's shaped like a tea cup (click here to view one) with the makings of a perfect garden party. Pack seeds into the smaller eggs and give your little girl special glam gardening gloves or just her very own pair for the larger eggs. You can even start a family garden! Give everyone a pack of seeds and assign each family member a fruit or vegetable to be in charge of growing!

little girl on an easter egg huntCatching Peter Cottontail: Much like "Reindeer Food" at Christmas, fill some of the eggs or baskets with special bunny food. Dad could even help build a "trap" -- a.k.a a propped up box.  Place it out at night and in the morning put a stuffed bunny in there with a note from the Easter Bunny. Leave clues in the eggs to find the trap.

DIY Spring Easter Craft Carrot Candy Holder 7Little Rembrandt: Roll up some coloring books, wrap them in orange paper, add some green leaves to the top and make them look like carrots. Carry this theme throughout the egg hunt: crayons, brushes, pencils, pastels, etc. (photo credit)

colorful flash drives

The College Kid: Think logically about this one. As much as college kids still LOVE pretty things, they HATE spending money on supplies. So, combine the cute with the practical. Micro and mini USB drives fit in the smaller eggs. They come in all kinds of shapes and there are even ones shaped like famous cartoons, adorable owls, etc. Check out some here! Underwear. They always need new, clean undies. With places like Victoria Secret Pink and American Eagle, both your girls and boys can have fresh and fun basics!


bright bottles of nail polishHair & Nails: Girls of all ages will appreciate hair ties and bobby pins. Get cute nail file kits or a decorated pack like this Revlon one: click here. Also buy some fun nail polish shades!

summer activities coupon book for kidsCoupon Book: Place coupon ideas for the kids to cash in such as game nights, extra time outside, etc. Read our coupon ideas by clicking here. (photo credit)