7 Must-Have Apps for New Moms

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Ask any new mom and she’ll tell you how truly rough that first year can be. You might feel like you’re sleepwalking through life those first few months, stuck in a hazy fog of confusion mixed with anxiety mixed with spit-up. Lots of spit-up.

While your iPhone can’t make your baby sleep eight hours a night (sadly there’s no app for that…yet), there are a variety of apps available that can make life just a little easier on your sleep-deprived brain.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite apps for new moms to help confidently survive the first year of parenthood (and hopefully make it a little more fun, too!).

1. Total Baby

Picked by Apple as a staff favorite and featured in Parenting Magazine, Total Baby is touted as the #1 baby logging and tracking app on the market and a must-have high-tech accessory for new parents. Keep track of feedings, pumping, sleep schedules, immunizations, doctor’s visits, allergies and so much more.

2. TinyBeans

TinyBeans is a private photo journal that makes documenting and sharing your newborn’s milestones easy and organized. The best part? It’s a place where you can share the photos privately only with the people who care most; choose your network of family and important friends and control who sees what (so you don’t overload your Instagram account).

3. MammaBaby

Newly picked by Apple among the best apps to help with a new baby, MammaBaby is “for parents who want to do more than just logging.” Through helpful alarms, this app provides an efficient means to establish routines with feeding, sleeping and medicines, and there’s even automatic synchronization of your baby’s log between multiple devices (so you can keep your partner informed at all times).

4. Sound Sleeper

Featured on BBC Business News, Sound Sleeper helps your baby relax and drift to sleep with real sounds—everything from nature to the city to household noises like vacuuming. It also comes with a helpful Sleep Tracker so you can figure out healthy sleeping habits that really work.

5. Eat Sleep: Simple Baby Tracking

Weight gain during those first months is so crucial, and dirty/wet diapers are the only way for nursing moms to tell if baby is eating enough. This is efficiency at its best, Eat Sleep: Simple Baby Tracking allows you to enter info with a one-finger tap so you don’t have to worry with alarms or timers. Moms can easily view all eating and diaper events for each day or view the combined history, making it super easy to view trends day to day, week to week or month to month.

6. Lifecake

This journaling-meets-photo app hybrid is a life-changing photo timeline app to share your baby’s biggest moments as well as keep all your photos organized in one place. Another perk? Lifecake allows you to create a bound hardcover book of your child’s timeline.

7. Amazon


While Amazon isn’t specifically made for new parents, lots of new moms find they get some of their most resourceful shopping done at 2am during their middle-of-the-night feedings. When you find yourself up late thinking about the diapers you’re running low on, the new bottle you’ve been meaning to try out or the backup waterproof crib mattress liner you desperately need, you will love having this app handy and at your fingertips for efficient time-saving shopping.

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