6 Foods That Food Poisoning Experts Avoid 'Like the Plague'

Having spent over 20 years working on food-poisoning lawsuits, Bill Marler simply doesn't eat certain foods anymore, and Business Insider has the scoop.

The attorney, who's litigating suits against Chipotle after the chain’s E. coli and norovirus outbreaks, was cited in an article by Health Insider from Bottom Line, outlining what foods he's cut from his diet.

Having won more than $600 million for clients in foodborne-illness cases, Marler says his experiences convinced him these foods aren't worth the risks. Here are the foods that scare this expert the most.

1. Raw oysters: Marler says he has seen more foodborne illnesses linked to shellfish in the past five years than in the two preceding decades. The culprit: warming waters. As globally waters heat up, it produces microbial growth, which ends up in the raw oysters consumers are slurping down.

fresh oysters on ice with lemon

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2. Pre-cut or pre-washed fruits or veggies: Marler says he avoids these “like the plague.” Convenience may be nice, but, as more people handling and processing the food means more chances for contamination, it isn’t worth the risk.

pre washed veggies
(Photo: Reuters/Dominic Ebenbichler)

3. Raw sprouts: Sprout outbreaks are surprisingly common, with more than 30 bacterial outbreaks (primarily salmonella and E. coli) in the past two decades. “There have been too many outbreaks to not pay attention to the risk of sprout contamination,” Marler says. “Those are products that I just don’t eat at all.”

raw sprouts


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