5 Reasons You're Crazy Not To Check Your Blood Pressure


It’s safe to say that we all know that rising blood pressure is a sign of tension, and that high blood pressure (Hypertension) has negative impacts. But do you really understand the dangers in high blood pressure and the risks? You may be surprised. Take a look at these five factors that decode the reasoning behind the dangers of high blood pressure.

  1. Overworks the Heart: While hard work is not always a bad thing, overworking the heart is a serious risk factor. When you have high blood pressure, the arteries of the heart must work extra hard due to fatty buildups in the arteries that cause them to harden. This increases your risk for heart disease and stroke (read 9 facts every woman needs to know about heart disease), which are the first and third leading causes of death for Americans.
  2. Brain Damage: According to the Mayo Clinic, just like your heart, your brain depends on proper blood flow to work properly. High blood pressure can cause stroke, dementia, and cognitive impairment.
  3. Kidney Damage: Your kidneys filter excess fluids from your blood. The Mayo Clinic explains that high blood pressure can injure the blood vessels leading to your kidneys, causing kidney disease.
  4. Erectile Dysfunction: The man in your life may not realize that high blood pressure can also impede on adequate blood flow which is needed for an erection. This can cause problems when it comes to sex and fertility.
  5. Other Health Issues Emerge: High blood pressure is often a predecessor to other ailments. High blood pressure can lead to heart failure, aneurysms, and even blindness, just to name a few.

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So how do you avoid high blood pressure? While sometimes issues with high blood pressure call for prescription medicines, often a healthy lifestyle can decrease your risk. Maintaining a healthy weight, exercising on a regular basis, reducing your salt and alcohol intake, and managing stress are several ways that blood pressure can be controlled.