4 Sports You Can Still Enjoy as an Adult

Remember when exercise used to be fun? Like when you played sports growing up and it wasn't even called exercising, it was just "practice," or "I've got a game." That was way more fun than dragging yourself to the gym everyday, right? You know… a lot of those sports leagues that you loved growing up, are usually offered for adults through community rec centers and other organizations. In fact, here are four sports that you can still enjoy as an adult, and how to find a league near you.

  1. Softball/Kickball – You've cherished that memory of the homerun you hit in the eighth grade for years. Baseball, softball, kickball – all those sports meant something to you and truly made you happy playing them. So why not continue doing what you love? Most communities offer adult recreational leagues for these sports, and they'll even break them down by experience level. So if you're still hot with a bat, or it's your first time trying kickball, there is a team that is right for you. Try Sportsmonster.net or Club Waka to find a league near you!
  2. Soccer: Soccer is a wonderful full body workout, and boy is it fun! If you miss your days knocking headers into the net, or worm burners straight at the goalie, why not sign up for adult league soccer? Check with you local rec center or YMCA to learn more about community soccer for adults and get back to doing what you love! Still need some motivation? You can burn up to 900 calories per game, just by playing soccer!
  3. Swimming: Whether you're into competitive swimming, or you're just looking for folks to hit the lanes with, swimming is a great option. It's perfect for us adults because it provides intense, full-body cardio and strength training, with little to no strain on your joints. Look for open lanes at your community rec center or YMCA, or you can find a swimming league to join to really brush up on your Butter, Breast, Back and Free. Check out the US Masters swimming website to see if there is a league near you.
  4. Basketball/Flag Football: Basketball and flag football can be found as co-ed sports for adults, so why not grab your significant other and have some fun? You can burn up to 600 calories in an hour playing these sports, so it's a literal one-stop shop for your workout needs. Check out Active.com to find a league near you, or just call up a few friends to meet at an open court or empty field. Hey, this is adult sports, your way! Just don't forget the snacks and juice boxes, those are still appreciated!

These four sports aren't the only options for adults, they are just some of the easiest to find, usually. Depending on what you're into, it's not hard to find a group or league to join and keep up with your fitness. You can find community dance groups, even adult gymnastics (if your knees and back can handle it). Or, try your hand at something completely new, such as roller derby, rock climbing, dodgeball, or ultimate frisbee. Just think outside of the gym and rediscover your passion and love for the game today!

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