21 Must-Haves to Look Good Naked

Most women can agree that they want to look good naked. At the same time, most women believe they don't. It's a tough position to be in — constantly absorbing the sexified media and high expectations, always evolving into something different. At the same time, you're told to love yourself. It's time to find the happy medium and take care of yourself. Instead of aiming to lose weight and firm up, there are 21 other things you can do to see yourself as the hot bombshell you are. Starting with the power of your mind and working your way to the surface, use these tools to transform your image. Strip it down, show off the curves, work it and look really good naked.


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Feed your soul. This is really important. One of the biggest misunderstandings floating around the Internet today is the message to love yourself, but feel free to eat whatever you want. Part of loving yourself is providing your body with fuel to do all the things you love to do. You don't need to follow a specific diet, but you do need to give your body the good stuff. Discover what satisfies your hunger without bogging you down. This idea is largely pulled from Ayurveda, a spiritual practice that allows you to feed your soul, literally.

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Ditch the baggy. It's so easy to cover up something you don't want to see. When you drape yourself in potato sacks, you're adding more volume to your figure. Go through your closet and get rid of the items that smother your curves and hide the goods. Then replace it with the right pieces by dressing your shape.

Dress your shape. Respect the shape you have and find clothing that goes along with it instead of fighting it. For example, if you're curvy, try a dress that supports the girls, tucks in the tummy and flairs out at the top of the hips. Gok Wan, fashion expert and designer, suggests this re-imaging is "more about smoothing things over, or creating illusions and distractions."

Retrain the eye. Body loathing can play some mean tricks on the mind, like looking through a mirror at a fun house. Change your perspective about what your body is supposed to be. Women are genetically given breasts and a pelvis that can expand to bear children. Women tend to store extra weight in the tummy, butt and thighs while men hold most of it in their gut. Even women who are leaner wish they had bigger boobs or a curve here and there to make them feel more feminine. You can warp your reflection into a negative, or see it for what it really is: beautiful.

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Refresh your hair. After sorting through your wardrobe, see a hair stylist to get a cut that really brings out the beauty in your face and lights up your eyes. If you're going to commit to this process, it will be worth the buck. You are worth it.

Emphasize your strength. Maybe you secretly favor your booty, your collarbones, your upper back, your skin, whatever it might be. Know exactly what that is for you and show it off with clothing that complements it. Don't even act like you can't think of your best asset.


Dress how you wish to feel. Hands off the oversized college sweatshirt! When you wake up feeling frumpy and down, it's so easy to just pull that thing over your head and go about your business. No. At least dig through your closet for a fitted tee or a vibrant blouse that says, "Yes, I do look good today." And you do! A research team at the University of Queensland was able to draw a link between emotions and fashion choices. Reverse the process and guide your emotions to positivity.

Get new knickers! No one has to see them, but you know you feel sexy when you have fresh and cute intimates underneath your clothing. Any pairs that are tattered, torn, ripped, stained, dingy, faded, baggy or too tight — goodbye! Pick up some new pairs and you'll feel like your fairy godmother just bippity-boppity-booped you into a princess.

Make exercise fun. Just like counting calories, working out to be "skinny" is tough to maintain and enjoy. The body needs movement to dish out daily functions. Get up and walk the dog through a gorgeous trail; laugh at yourself through a Zumba class; punch the heck out of your frustrations in a kickboxing session; take a long stroll with a friend to catch up; pedal to the beat in a loud, sweaty spinning class. If you enjoy it, guess what, you'll keep going back to it!

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Once you get your mind on board and in a good place, everything else you try is going to work that much better. From workouts to treatments, focus on what will make you feel good. Want to get that bikini line in order? Go for that wax or laser! Pick up some sunless tanner, a new polish or perfume. Don't forget the high heels! It all comes down to confidence, so rock it and check out these products to put the cherry on top. Meanwhile, check out the Skinny Mom video page for quick at-home workouts and inspiration!

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