18 Healthy Kid-Approved Store-Bought Snackies

Snacks are awesome because they can help you hold you off your hunger until the next meal. [...]

Snacks are awesome because they can help you hold you off your hunger until the next meal. Although light snacking is actually beneficial for you since it helps to keep your metabolism active, poor choices in snacks can hurt your diet. Homemade snacks are great, but sometimes there is just no time in the day to prepare them! Check out these healthy, kid-approved and store-bought snackies to pick up during your next grocery run!

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1. Banana Chia Pods: These tasty little cups contain naturally sweet bananas with sun-ripened chia seeds and pure coconut milk. With no added sugar and a hearty serving of fiber and protein, this snack is perfect for the adventurous little tot. Click here to see.

Photo Credit: Naturally Diddy
(Photo: Naturally Diddy)

2. Siggi's Skyr Yogurt: One carton of Siggi's strawberry and basil yogurt has 130 calories and 14 grams of protein! Pack a baggie of granola for a healthy, crunchy topping. Check out their website here.


3. CrunchPak: Also known as America's #1 sliced apple, these pre-packaged apple slices are tasty, convenient and adored by many. CrunchPak makes a variety of snack options, but you can never really go wrong with sliced apples and caramel. Yum! Click here to check them out!

crunch pack apples

4. Buddy Fruits: Fun and cute little pouches, filled with a healthy and delicious treat that is definitely kid-approved! Buddy Fruits only use real fruit juice with no added sugar, no preservatives, no fat, no GMOs, and no added water and is naturally dairy- and gluten-free! This flexible and tasty snack is perfect for a wide range of eaters. Click here to see!

Photo Credit: Say Please
(Photo: Say Please)

5. Mott's® Healthy Harvest Granny Smith Applesauce: Applesauce is a snack that can be appreciated by people of all ages! At only 50 calories per cup with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners, Mott's® is in the lead for one of the best store-bought snacks! Try sprinkling a little but of cinnamon on top of this tasty treat, and enjoy! Click here to check it out.

mott's healthy harvest granny smith applesauce

6. Quaker® Popped Caramel Corn: This store-bought snack by Quaker Oats is gluten-free, has 10 grams of whole grain (per 30 gram serving), and is only 110 calories! This sweet treat is a must-have, so try 'em out! Click here to see.

Photo Credit: Faithful Provisions
(Photo: Faithful Provisions)

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7. Mini Babybel® Light Cheese Wheels: The same creamy and comforting taste of Mini Babybel® original cheese, but with 50 percent less fat! These baby wheels have 15 percent of your daily calcium with six grams of protein — more the reason to love them! (via Mini-Babybel)

Photo Credit: Mini-babybel.com
(Photo: Mini Babybel®)

8. Angie's Boom Chicka Pop™ White Cheddar Popcorn: This popcorn has a perfect blend of creamy, tangy and cheesy white cheddar goodness, that is almost too good to pass up. Boom Chicka Pop™ uses all real ingredients, whole grain, kosher dairy, has no GMOs, and is gluten-free certified. Pick this up next time you're at the store! (via Boom Chicka Pop)

boom chicka pop white cheddar

9. Cranberry Almond + Antioxidants with Macadamia Nuts KIND Bars: Sweet, nutty and kind, these nutritious bars are jam-packed with wholesome and healthy ingredients perfect for when you need a little energy boost. One bar has 50 percent of your daily A, C, and E vitamins. Try it here!

Photo Credit: Amazon
(Photo: Amazon)

10. Food Should Taste Good® Sweet Potato Chips: If you agree with the brand name, then you need to try these out! These kettle-cooked sweet potato chips are only 140 calories per serving with about 70 grams less sodium than the average tortilla chip. Click here to see these naturally gluten-free snacks!

Photo Credit: Ohayookasan.com

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11. Bare Apple Cinnamon Chips: Each bag of this healthy store-bought snack has four apples in it! Can you believe it? It's high in vitamins since they are made 100 percent naturally (meaning that there is no added sugar an no preservatives), and a half-cup has only 90 calories. Click here to see.

Photo Credit: Godfairyfree.org
(Photo: Go Dairy Free)

12. Fiber One™ Protein Cookies and Crème: Fiber One™ has created the ultimate protein bar, and it tastes just like cookies and cream! Each bar is only 140 calories, contains 6 grams of protein and has 20 percent of your daily value of fiber. Check it out!

fiber one cookies and creme

13. Horizon Organic® Mozzarella String Cheese: Horizon is notorious for making healthy and nutritious products for kids and adults, including this organic mozzarella string cheese snack! Each stick has 80 calories and gives you 20 percent of your daily value of calcium with 8 grams of protein. Super tasty and simple to snack on. Look for them in the organic section!

Photo Credit: Alosraonline.com
(Photo: Alosraonline.com)

14. Clif Kid® Organic Z Bar: Clif Bars produced a product that was designed to accommodate the nutritional needs of young kids. They are USDA-certified organic, contain vitamins and minerals that are essential for kids, have no high fructose corn syrup and have no artificial flavors or synthetic preservatives. Click here to check them out!

Photo Credit: Clifbarstore
(Photo: Clifbarstore)

15. Stretch Island Fruit Co: These delicious fruit strips can satisfy any tiny palette for snack time. This company comes out with a huge variety of different flavors that all taste amazing. Each strip has a quarter serving of fruit at only 45 calories. Click here to check out these all-natural treats!

Photo Credit: Moody Mama Says
(Photo: Moody Mama Says)

16. Grimway Farms Carrot Dipper: This store-bought snack is fresh, tasty and conveniently prepared for you! This one comes with a small side of low-fat ranch for dipping, and tastes amazing with fresh baby carrots. Click here to check out this great company!

Photo Credit: Grimmway
(Photo: Grimmway)

18. Enjoy Life® Caramel Apple Baked Chewy Bars: These bars have the same sweet and yummy taste of caramel apples, but are way healthier. These bars are dairy-, nut- and so- free, and contain lots of protein to keep your little ones full of energy throughout the day. Click here to see.

Photo Credit: Kosher Family
(Photo: Kosher Family)

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