14 Drool-Inducing Ways to Use Almond Butter

Traditionally peanut butter was the reigning nut butter in popularity, but almond butter is quickly giving good ole’ PB a run for its money - and rightfully so. Almond butter boasts vitamin E and magnesium and slightly less saturated fat than peanut butter. It also has more calcium and iron than peanut butter. For those with peanut allergies, the almond butter hype might be all that it is cracked up to be.

If you have a tub of almond butter you are staring blankly at in your kitchen cabinet, or have been curious about ways to introduce or utilize almond butter, we have 14 delicious recipes that you will go nuts over.

almond butter chocolate cups

1. Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups: When a sweet splurge is on the agenda, use this recipe to incorporate all natural ingredients to create a salivating sweet sensation featuring a creamy almond butter center. (via Sprouted Kitchen)

almond butter granola bars

2. Almond Butter Granola Bars: Mixing your own granola is the only way to avoid excess sugar and calorie overload, and these granola bars are a perfect way to incorporate portable snacks and the binding and delicious ingredient of almond butter. (via Anja’s Food 4 Thought)

flourless almond butter cookies

3. Flourless Almond Butter Cookies:  With four simple ingredients, this is a cookie recipe designed to let the almond flavor stand out while enjoying a baked treat without an excess of carbs. (via Just Short of Crazy)

frozen fruit dessert with almond butter

4. Frozen Fruit Dessert with Honey and Almond Butter: A delicious way to whip up a dairy-free frozen sweet treat utilizing almond butter, strawberries, bananas, honey, and coconut. (via Pumps and Iron)

almond butter and granola apple sandwiches

5. Apple Sandwiches: A perfect snack idea for adults or little ones. This three-ingredient recipe is a great way to banish mid-day hunger or even have for a quick breakfast fix. (via Garnish With Lemon)

6. Vegan Overnight Oatmeal:  An easy prepare-the-night-before recipe for healthy oatmeal that is also vegan-friendly. (via FitSugar)

cherry almond smoothie

7. Cherry Almond Smoothie:  A rich and protein-packed smoothie that would be perfect post-workout or simply as a quick and filling snack. Three ingredients make this simple, yet delicious. (via Whole Foods Market)

sesame noodles stir fry

8. Almond Butter Sesame Noodles: Nut butters don’t always have to be for sweet treats. This spin on traditional peanut noodles and a raw recipe that’s perfect for those clean eaters looking for raw alternatives. (via Chef Amber Shea)

spiced almond energy balls

9. Spiced Almond Balls: Perfect snacks to mix together and freeze to have a healthy snack on-hand, when needed. These would also be a simple hostess appetizer to serve when entertaining. (via The Gracious Pantry)

10. Almond Butter Chicken: Another way to utilize almond butter for savory recipes, this cockpit chicken recipe is not only easy but Paleo-friendly! (via Get Crocked)

flourless chocolate chip banana muffins

11. Flourless Chocolate Chip Almond Butter Muffins: Breakfast or dessert? Or both? You decide as these filling and delicious muffins are a great flourless recipe to serve to adults and kids alike. (via Running With Spoons)

honey mustard rainbow salad

12. Rainbow Chicken Salad With Almond Honey Mustard Dressing:  This salad is scrumptious, but the almond honey mustard dressing is a delicious addition that can be used on a variety of salads, meats, and more to add flavor to your meal. (via Pinch of Yum)

banana ice cream

13. Banana and Almond Butter Ice Cream: An easy and cool treat that only requires two ingredients – almond butter (or just almonds) and frozen bananas mixed in your food processor. Doesn’t get any simpler than that! (via Debbie Dayton)


14. Almond Butter Pancakes: Gluten and Paleo-friendly, these shortcakes also only require five ingredients that you likely already have on hand, especially if you are a Paleo connoisseur. (via Peanut Butter Fingers)

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