13 Ways To Use Blueberries in Your Desserts

Nothing says summer like a handful of fresh, juicy blueberries right off the bush! And luckily for us, National Blueberry Month is upon us! It's time to throw caution to the wind and experiment with all those crazy delicious recipes we've been hoarding away all winter. What better way to lighten up those after-dinner treats than to toss in a cup or two of these plump superfoods? So if you are craving something sweet but want to keep an eye on that waistline, check out our favorite ways to add blueberries to your desserts below!


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Muffins: What better way to get a little extra fiber and energy than with one of our blueberry protein muffins? They will stave off those late-night cravings, and at only 130 calories a pop, you can afford to indulge a little! Click here for the recipe.

Fruit salad: Nothing rounds off a hearty meal like a refreshing and colorful fruit salad. Plus, our recipe gives you an added twist of sweetness with a deliciously decadent vanilla flavor to compliment those tart blueberries! Check out the directions here.

Bars and squares: Blueberries are the perfect compliment to all of those fruity bars and squares, so next time you are whipping up a batch of our low-calorie, crowd-pleasing Easy Lemon Bars, try tossing in a cup or two of fresh or slightly sautéed berries for a tart dessert that is sure to impress!

Granola: Sure, a scoop of ice cream or frozen yogurt can be a great way to cool off at the end of the day, but a little added crunch of granola and blueberries can take your dessert to a whole new level! For a little sugar and spice, check out this Pecan Pie Granola recipe from My Whole Food Life!

Smoothies: If you are looking to finish off your evening with something on the healthier side, then a blueberry smoothie is the way to go! You can whip up our quick and easy Skinny Blueberry Protein Smoothie that only contains 200 calories in no time! Click here for the recipe.

Blueberry Protein Smoothie RESIZED 5

Greek yogurt-covered blueberries: We don't need to preach about the nutritious value of Greek yogurt, and when you throw in a serving of blueberries, this dessert is going to be impossible to resist! Try out our Frozen Yogurt Blueberry Bites here!

Blueberry dip: Ditch those heavy dessert dips and creams and give our Skinny Raspberry Dip and Fruit Skewers recipe a go! A handful of blueberries mashed in with those tangy raspberry preserves will go a long way in satisfying your sweet tooth. Check out the instructions here.

Pie: A fruit pie is an absolute staple when it comes to those barbecues and family reunions this summer, and what better way to add a little flavor than to sub in a cup or two of blueberries? Go ahead and give it a go with one of our favorites, this Skinny Strawberry Pie! Click here to be taken to the recipe.

Frozen yogurt: With only about 100 calories per serving, frozen yogurt is the perfect, healthy way to satisfy those end-of-the-day sugar cravings. Instead of slathering your scoop in a heap of caramel and cookies, try sprinkling a handful of blueberries on top!

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blueberry smoothie pop
(Photo: Good Life Eats)

Popsicles: If you're searching for a treat that is perfect for the whole family, then look no further! These savory homemade Blueberry Smoothie Popsicles from Good Life Eats are a fantastic way to end your day.

Yogurt parfaits: Can't decide between cookies, cake, or something a little leaner for dessert? You don't have to! Our Fruity Cheesecake Parfaits are packed with Monkey Oats Cookies, cheesecake pudding, strawberries, and blueberries for a summer treat you won't be able to put down. Click here for the recipe.


Crepes: Nothing hits the spot like a mouthful of a sweet, decadent crepe loaded with fresh blueberries and cream. For a recipe that cuts way back on calories but boasts all the flavor, check out our Delicious Blueberry Cinnamon Roll Ups! You can find the recipe here.

Crisps, cobblers, and streusels: Nothing goes better with a crumbly, buttery, cinnamon-y topping than a heaping handful of blueberries! Crack out your grandma's secret family recipe, or give this melt-in-your-mouth Blueberry Coconut Crisp from Two Peas and Their Pod a try!