13 Ways to Tighten Your Skin After Pregnancy

After your pregnancy, you'll probably find there's a little more around your middle than what you started with, and after your postpartum check-up, you may think all that extra skin will be gone. That isn't always the case however. If you want to lose the loose skin, you'll need to work for it.

tight stomach

Lose weight slowly: You probably gained some weight during your pregnancy, so you've got to hit the gym and lose the extra belly fat that has accumulated. Be careful, though! Losing weight too fast isn't bad for just your health, so stay away from crash dieting; it could make your skin sag.

Breastfeed: Breastfeeding mothers tend to lose weight faster than moms who do not breastfeed. By making milk, you burn more calories and can lose your baby weight faster.

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Cardio: Cardio is a great way to burn fat. You've probably heard that spot training is just a myth, so if you want to lose belly fat, you've got to lose fat from all over. Cardio is your best bet to get there.

Build muscle: By adding weight training to your routine, you can get your body into great shape. A toned body will help with any looseness you may be experiencing!

Add protein: Adding protein in your diet will not just help you build muscle. Proteins have nutrients like collagen and others to help keep your skins elasticity. For protein pack food, click here!

Creams and lotions: If you've just had a baby, or even just lost a lot of weight, you'll want to try some lotions. Look for those with collagen, aloe Vera, Vitamin A or Vitamin E. You can even try combining castor oil with some lemon juice and running that into the skin for great effects!

Stay hydrated: It is essential for your body to have water. Getting at least 8 glasses of water a day will keep your body, and skin, glowing and healthy!

drink water

Limit sun exposure: If you want to tighten skin, don't stay in the sun for a long time. The sun can make your skin loosen, so stay inside! That goes for tanning beds as well.

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Exfoliate: Try using an exfoliant on your stomach postpartum. It's a great way to increase blood flow and encourage healthy and elastic skin growth.

Fruits and veggies: You've heard it time and again: You've got to eat your greens. It's true! Fruits and vegetables have a wide variety of nutrients in them that keep your body healthy, including your skin! Try eating them raw, because some nutrients can be cooked out of the vegetables.

Avoid fats: Junk food is very high in fat, which is exactly what your body doesn't need if you want to lose weight after having a baby. Stick to nutrient-rich food to get your body back to normal!


Clear of chlorine: If you swim to stay fit, make sure you rinse off well. Chlorine can dry out your skin, which will make it lose its elasticity, so you're less likely to see it rebound after weight loss.

Essential oils: There are many natural essential oils that work wonders on skin, especially lavender! To learn more about essential oils and their properties, click here.