13 Paleo Dinners That Will Rock Your World!

The Paleo revolution is spreading like wildfire. You may be just dipping your toe into the Paleo fire or are already a full-fledged Paleo convert, but either way, eating like a caveman has never tasted so good. Check out this collection of scrumptious and savory Paleo dinners the whole family will enjoy!

1. Sweet Jalapeño Salmon: Fish makes for a great Paleo dinner and the combination of sweet and spicy make it all the better! The best part though? This dish can be made in about 20 minutes, so it's perfect for your busy schedule. For the full recipe, click here!

sweet jalapeno salmon

2. Paleo Berry Glazed Crockpot Chicken: An easy one-dish meal proves Paleo doesn’t have to be complicated. Serve this sweet chicken dish alone or over a sweet potato for a Paleo dinner done right. (via Plaid and Paleo)

paleo berry glazed crockpot chicken3. Buffalo Chicken Soup: A hearty soup with a classic buffalo flavor, this soup offers a kick of spicy heat and tang in a hearty soup that’s even better served as leftovers! (via Paleoaholic)

paleo buffalo chicken soup4. Southwest Style Baked Sweet Potatoes: Stuffed with the paleo-approved meat of your choice, packed with piles of flavor, and topped with an avocado cream sauce. An easy way to serve up dinner in an all-in-one dish that proves Paleo doesn’t mean sacrificing feeling full. (via Savory Lotus)

southwest style paleo stuffed sweet potatoes5. Crock Pot Cashew Chicken: Another easy slow cooker Paleo dinner proves you can eat clean without the clean-up hassle. This Asian-inspired dish uses tons of flavorful ingredients for a mouth-watering caveman meal. (via Preppy Paleo)

paleo crock pot cashew chicken recipe6. Cincinnati Two-Way Chili with Corn Bread: A classic pairing of favorites turned caveman. This hearty skillet dish will have your non-Paleo friends grilling you for the recipe. (via Clean Eating with a Dirty Mind)

paleo cincinnati style chili7. Stuffed Pork Tendorloin: While it looks fancy, Canada Girl Eats Paleo walks you through this photo-worthy Paleo pork dish with ease. Filled with an unexpected stuffing that includes sweet potatoes, spinach, and an array of other flavorful ingredients, this is a dish dressed to impress. (via Canada Girl Eats Paleo)

stuffed pork tenderloin

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8. Bacon Butternut Squash Quiche: You were probably ready to click this link at the word “bacon” and it only gets better with the sweet addition of butternut squash, filling eggs, hearty spinach and a perfect mix of spices. Serve breakfast for dinner with a Paleo twist. (via My Healthy Happy Home)

paleo bacon butternut squash quiche9. Smothered Apple and Onion Pork Chop: Whether you like meaty, sweet, or savory, this dish is sure to please all. A one-skillet Paleo preparation meal that looks just as pretty as it is delicious. (via Bravo for Paleo)

smothered apple and onion pork chops paleo recipe10. Massaman Chicken Curry: An uncomplicated recipe with a complex taste combing Indian curry flavor and Paleo guidelines for this delicious ethnic meal. (via Frisky Lemon)

paleo chicken curry recipe11. Barbecue Chicken Pizza: Think pizza is off limits? Think again. Many Paleo pizza recipes are out there, but this barbecue chicken pizza recipe takes an innovative pizza flavor combo and makes it Paleo without anyone even likely noticing. (via Paleo Spirit)


paleo barbecue chicken pizza12. Shepard’s Pie: It may be one of the last dishes you thought could meet Paleo standards, but don’t count it off your list of family comfort dishes. (via My Healthy Happy Home)

paleo shephards pie recipe13. Lasagna: A roundup of rockin’ Paleo dinners would not be complete without a lasagna recipe. Paleo doesn’t mean you have to discriminate against delicious favorites, just modify and tweak a bit and here you have a tasty lasagna that can be touted as Paleo, but more important touted as tasty! (via Paleo Newbie)

paleo lasagna recipe