12 Green Tea Beauty Secrets

What if there was one single beauty secret that could take care of all your hair and skin woes? Would you believe it if this superfood tastes as good as it looks and doesn't cost an arm and a leg? Well, that beauty secret is green tea, and The Gloss has the skinny on green tea beauty tips.

In addition to being a delicious and extremely healthful beverage and cooking ingredient, green tea has numerous beauty uses to lend its healthful properties to skin and hair. Here are 12 ways to take advantage of it.

Drink it straight: Green tea is packed with skin-beautifying antioxidants that will do a lot for your beauty routine. It’s also supposedly good for weight loss, fighting cancer, and generally just making you healthier. Check out our own recipe for Detox Green Tea.

Detox Green Tea

Drink it as an ingredient: Green tea also keeps its healthful properties when used as an ingredient in smoothies, lemonades, etc. (It’s also in a lot of cookie recipes, which I like to pretend is the secret to healthful cookies.) Click here to try our favorite green tea lemonade!

Green Tea Lemonade
(Photo: Girl Makes Food)

Green tea face mist: Carrying around a little spray bottle of this is a good way to cool and refresh your skin while also laying on some of that famous antioxidant goodness. Click here for the recipe.

Green tea face toner: Mixed with good old apple cider vinegar, green tea makes a great, skin-improving, DIY toner. Click here for the recipe.


Green tea exfoliating face mask: Green tea and baking soda are the base of this luxurious-sounding mask. Check out the recipe here.

To read more about green tea and its benefits, click here to go directly to the original article from The Gloss.