11 Clean, Skinny Desserts Tasty Enough for Cheat Days


You did it! All week you've been working hard, watching those calories, putting in treadmill time and getting your lift on, and what after feels like at least a century, you've made it to cheat day! Yeah, we know the feeling. It's like someone should be planning a parade in your honor that ends at a buffet of chocolate cake, ice cream and candies!

Well, what if you could get all the fun cheat day indulgence without any of the "Maybe I'll just skip the scale tomorrow" feeling afterward? Let Quest Nutrition save you! These chewy, delicious, protein-packed, gluten-free, low-carb bars come in a ton of flavors and can be used to make the most decadent desserts! Try any of our 11 favorites, and see if you're not ready to throw a parade in their honor!

quest thin mints

Quest Thin Mints: Can't wait for your Girl Scout Cookies to arrive? Don't worry, we have something even better! The sweet, minty, chocolate perfection of the Thin Mints you know and love with the good-for-you protein power of a Chocolate Brownie Quest Bar!

quest smores Quest S'mores:

There is no need to wait for your next campfire to indulge in this deliciously skinny dessert! Just fire up your oven and make the Almond Crunch Quest Bar shell all toasty while marshmallows and dark chocolate melt in the middle!

almond joy quest bite Almond Joy Quest Bites:

Transition from the bar to bites for some seriously protein-packed joy! Using the Coconut Cashew Quest Bar as your base, you're only 20 minutes away from whipping up a sweet and skinny coconut nougat topped with almonds and sealed in with dark chocolate!

chocolate chunk questChocolate Chunk Quest Waffles:

This should make getting up in the morning a little easier! That is, if you can wait until then to make this delicious little treat! The Double Chocolate Chunk Quest Bar mixes right into the batter for this protein waffle snack perfect for anytime of day!

quest raspberry cups

Quest White Chocolate Raspberry Tart: The White Chocolate Raspberry Quest Bar makes a perfect little cup for this tart! The warm, baked bar is just the right balance for the cool, creamy filling! The raspberries on top are not only beautiful, they also add in a fabulously fresh flavor!

quest raspberry cups

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes: This clean treat will satisfy all your chocolate and peanut butter cravings and is so easy to make! After softening a Peanut Butter Supreme Quest Bar and a Chocolate Peanut Butter Quest Bar, you can simply mold the bars into your cupcake tin in layers before baking! So pretty, so fun, so decadent, so clean!

quest bar cookies cream-bark

Quest Bar Cookies & Cream Bark: Cookies and cream and good for you? Yeah, we're in! This two-ingredient treat is the perfect post-workout snack, but don't limit yourself! Mixing up the Cookies and Cream Quest Bar with a little coconut oil before melting and baking is a simple snack to make and enjoy anytime!

quest brookie

Quest Brookie: We're suckers for cookie dough! If you hand it to us inside a brownie cup, we're probably going to become best friends! These little Quest Bar Brookies have us drooling, and you will be too! This clean treat is almost too good to be true!

quest raspberry cookies

Quest Bar White Chocolate Raspberry Cookies: White Chocolate Raspberry Quest Bars take center stage in these cute and clean cookies! Plus, we can't get over how the raspberries look like hearts in the center of the cookies! (Remember, Valentine's Day is right around the corner!)

quest mini cheesecake cups

Quest Mini Cheesecake Cups: You can make this dreamy treat so many different ways... so prepare to try this one out a few times! Don't worry, they are super simple to make and every variety is incredibly tasty! You can pick your favorite Quest Bar flavor to form the cup for your Cheesecake mix, and then get creative by adding different flavors to the cheesecake filling!

quest pb chocolate sandwiches

Quest Bar Chocolate Peanut Butter Sandwiches: These treats taste as good as they look! Chocolate Brownie Quest Bars make the "bread" in these bite-sized snacks! The peanut butter filling sweetened with honey is so good, so don't be surprised if you find yourself eating it with a spoon!


Share with us your favorite ways to use Quest Bars to make clean treats in the comments below!