10 Parenting Truths We Share With Moms Around the World

Motherhood is not easy. There are days when it all seems like nothing is going well, or right, or even in the hint of the appropriate direction. All mothers want to provide a great life for their family, but we've seen the route to get there vary drastically from mothers around the world. However, when Huffington Post and Shawn Fink, founder of the Abundant Mama Project, met mothers from around the world, it turns out there are a group of truths we all share as mothers.

african mother and daughter in rural area

Truth No. 1: We are all perfectionists. The truth is that we all want the perfect life, the perfect house, the perfect DIY project to fill our days. We all want perfectly behaved children and perfectly written homework and perfect dinners. We all want more time for ourselves and more time with our family. We all want more money. We all want more joyful days. We all want a clean house and decent clothes and a child who doesn't say "I hate you."

Truth No. 2: We all seek -- but rarely attain -- a balanced life. The truth is we are never going to have enough time for ourselves. The truth is there is no right way or wrong way to find and achieve balance while raising children. In fact, there is only a constant effort, re-assessment and adjusting to find the right way to keep the balls of raising children, working, living, dreaming and housekeeping in the air without dropping a single thing. Balance is a journey, not a destination.

asian mother and daughter riding bikes Truth No. 3: Mothers (and fathers) yell for a reason.

The truth is sometimes we yell. The truth is that we don't want to yell. The truth is we know yelling isn't helpful. The truth is we want to stop yelling. We'll do just about anything to stop yelling but so many of our attempts fail. To stop yelling feels impossible, just like breaking any bad habit is difficult. But once we do stop we realize how good it feels, how empowering, how life-changing it is.

Truth No. 4: We all need more time for ourselves. The truth is that finding time is hard. The truth is that taking time is hard. The truth is that cherishing time is hard. The truth is that if we had more time we'd still feel like we don't have enough time. Time is like water. It slips through our hands and evaporates unless we know how to conserve it.

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Truth No. 5: We all just want to feel like we're enough. The truth is that every mama has a day when she feels the weight of motherhood so heavy on her chest she can barely breathe. The truth is that every mama desperately needs to feel like she is enough, especially when she isn't sure what she's doing, which is all the time.

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