10-Minute Cold Morning Workout to Wake (and Warm) You Up

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In the winter months, getting out from under your cozy blankets in the morning seems to be the day's biggest struggle. Rather than hitting the snooze button on your alarm until you're nearly late for work, quickly jump out of bed and let this 10-minute energizer workout warm you up and get you ready for the day! Just set your shoes beside your bed and throw them on to get started; there's no equipment needed for this quick workout.

March in Place

Slowly raise that heart rate with 30 seconds of marching in place. Be careful not to over-do it; you'll get warmed up soon enough!

Jumping Jacks

Kick it into high gear with one minute of jumping jacks! If that's too difficult, perform step jacks and move one foot at a time out and in.

Wall Pushup

Head over to a wall and work those arms for a full minute! If you're feeling up for a challenge, opt for regular pushups.

Squat and Lift

Work your legs and booty with one minute of these squats. Go into a normal squat, then push out of the squat on one leg as the other leg lifts out to the side, completely extended. Crunch that same-side oblique to stay balanced. Replace the foot and repeat.

Reverse Lunge

Keep your heart rate up and strengthen your legs with one minute of alternating reverse lunges. Step one leg directly behind you at the same width and bend both knees until they form 90-degree angles. Keep your chest lifted and your torso centered over the hips. Try to get your back knee down as low as possible. Exhale and push out of the lunge, bringing the leg back to the other one.

March in Place

Go back to marching in place for 30 seconds. Keep pushing through; you're 5 minutes in!

High Knees

Crank up the intensity with 30 seconds of high knees. You can slow the pace and lift your knees fully to your chest, or you can go as fast as you can for the full 30 seconds.

Standing Side Crunch

Keep warm and work your obliques by alternating your standing side crunches for one minute! Begin with your feet at hip distance and raise one arm over your head. Take the leg on the same side as the raised arm and bend the knee as you crunch it out to the side. Pull the knee into the armpit as the arm bends and crunches downward. Raise the knee as high as you can. Set the foot back down and repeat. Switch sides.

Mountain Climber

This move is sure to get you sweating after a full minute! Begin in high plank position with your hands directly under your shoulders. Your body should be in a straight, diagonal line from your head to your heels. With your core engaged, bring your right knee forward under your chest, with the toes just off the ground. Return to your basic plank. Switch legs, bringing the left knee forward. Keep alternating legs and pick up the pace until it feels a little like running in place in a plank position.

You can perform mountain climbers as fast as you can or bring one knee at a time all the way to your chest.

Spider Plank

Make planks more exciting by adding alternating lunges for one minute. In plank pose, bring one foot up to the outside of your hand. This range of motion will depend on your flexibility, so try to get it as close as possible. Let the hips sink down so you feel a stretch. Return the foot to the first plank position, then repeat the step on the other side. Try to keep a steady tension in the core – avoid piking or dipping the hips as your transition from leg to leg.

If you can't bring your leg to your hands, just tap your toes out to the side.

Pilates Hundreds

After one minute of this intense abdominal exercises, you'll be pumped up and ready to go. Lie on your back, then lift the legs off the mat into a position where your lower back is touching the mat. Then, peel the head and shoulders off the mat to engage the entire abdominal wall. Reach the fingers toward the feet, palms down. Hold the boat-like position of the elevated upper and lower body while your pulse the arms up and down. Inhale for five pulses, then exhale for five pulses. Use your breath to fuel the stabilization of the core.

High Knees

Finish up your workout with 30 seconds of high-powered high knees.


After just ten minutes, you're out of bed, warmed up and ready to start the day!


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