10 Cauliflower Recipes to Change Up Your Dinner Routine

If you think cauliflower is a plain vegetable that doesn't have much flavor to it, then try out these delicious recipes for you and your family to enjoy!

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Roasted Garlic Cauliflower: A great way to spice up any vegetable (so to speak) is by adding spices and herbs to the mix. Try this roasted garlic recipe to add some zest to your cauliflower! Click here for the recipe and instructions.

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Cauliflower Crust Pepperoni Pizza: Turning cauliflower into pizza dough? Seems a little odd. Well, you can't knock it until you try it! This recipe will not only shock you at how delicious it is, but it's also a perfect substitution for takeout. You'll save money and eat healthier — best of both worlds! Click here for the recipe.

cauliflower pepperoni pizza

Balsamic and Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower: If you have already tried the garlic roasted cauliflower, then try out this balsamic and Parmesan roasted cauliflower recipe! Similar to the garlic roasted cauliflower recipe, this uses herbs and spices to turn cauliflower into a special treat.

Photo Credit: Dinner with Julie
(Photo: Dinner with Julie)

Gluten-Free No-Mac and Cheese: Are you a fan of mac-n-cheese but don't want the pasta? Here's a trick: Try replacing the pasta with cauliflower! This dish is less than 400 calories and tastes just as yummy as a bowl of classic mac-n-cheese. Click here for the recipe.

Photo Credit: Popsugar
(Photo: Popsugar)

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Cauliflower Salad: Have you ever heard of a potato salad minus the potato? Try replacing regular potato salad with cauliflower and you may be surprised at how appetizing this dish is! Click here for the recipe and instructions.

Photo Credit: Kennedy Dorn
(Photo: Kennedy Dorn)

Skinny Mashed Cauliflower: Instead of having your traditional mashed potatoes as a side for dinner, try out this skinny mashed cauliflower recipe. It contains less than 100 calories per serving and will never make you feel like you need to indulge in carb-filled potatoes!

mashed cauliflower

Moroccan Cauliflower Salad with Fish: You will surprise your family with this dish when they find out it's a mixture of cauliflower, chickpeas, and more delectable veggies! It is protein-filled and will leave your children wanting more. Click here for the recipe and instructions.

Photo Credit: Popsugar
(Photo: Popsugar)

Crispy Cauliflower Buffalo Wings: Attention all vegetarians: You now have a recipe that will give you the experience of having actual buffalo wings without the meat. This recipe uses a crisp coating, with hot sauce to make your taste buds tingle. So, check out this recipe and enjoy with friends!

Photo Credit: Popsugar
(Photo: Popsugar)

Roasted Cauliflower Pasta: If you are interested in adding a meaty flavor to a meatless meal, then check out this roasted cauliflower pasta recipe. Combine cauliflower, olives, red pepper, and garlic cloves with pasta to create an extravagant meal for the family!

Photo Credit: Williams-Sonoma
(Photo: Williams-Sonoma)

Cauliflower and Quinoa Pizza Sticks: If you're looking for tasty, easy snacks to prepare for your family and friends, this recipe is a go-to! A combination of cauliflower and quinoa, these pizza sticks are healthy and will leave you wanting more.

Photo Credit: Nosh and Nourish
(Photo: Nosh and Nourish)

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