The Young Bucks Keep Pushing for CM Punk to Join the Bullet Club

The Bullet Club is unquestionably the most popular group in professional wrestling today working outside of the WWE, but two of their most popular members are still trying to convince former WWE Champion CM Punk to join their ranks.

Matt and Nick Jackson, as known as The Young Bucks, told Rolling Stone on Tuesday they'd love to have him join as they tour the globe with Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

"I think it's just a matter of time for him (Punk) to realize that he's missed so much," Nick Jackson said. "I don't think he realizes that the fans would just be so happy to see him back. To be able to work with him would help business even more, wherever that would be. It would be huge if we could get him over at Ring of Honor or New Japan and work something out. That would be one of my main goals, to get him back into wrestling."

"I talk to him a lot," Matt Jackson said. "I bugged him for like, I don't know, a year or two? I was really aggressive and at one point I realized that I should probably let him make his own decisions. He knows that there's an offer there and he knows that I'm the first phone call that he should make if he decides to get back into the business. He's told me that, he says when or if or ever he does decide to possibly get back into it, I'll be the first guy he calls. It'll be interesting. Whether or not he plays on our team or an opposing team, it'd be fun."

The Bullet Club already has one former WWE Superstar find success in their group with Cody Rhodes (going by "Cody" since leaving WWE). The son of "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes was a midcard wrestler during his run with WWE, but has since reached main event status and made more money as the reigning Ring of Honor World Champion.

Punk hasn't been involved in wrestling since he walked out of WWE in January 2014. He's since gone on to pursue a career in mixed martial arts and is a current member of the UFC welterweight division, though he's only been in one fight (a loss to Micky Gall at UFC 203) since signing with the promotion in December 2014.

The Bucks also said they'd be interested in working with Daniel Bryan, the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion and current general manager of 'Smackdown Live.' Bryan retired from wrestling last year due to multiple injuries but has since stated there's a good chance he'll return to the ring.


"When we're talking about guys, another guy would be Bryan Danielson (WWE's Daniel Bryan)," Matt said. "I don't see him necessarily joining Bullet Club, but he'd be a fun guy to wrestle or to work with or whatever. Just to have him in the ring with us would be incredible."

You can check out the Bucks' full Rolling Stone interview here.